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Red Shirt Friday: The Children also Serve - and Sacrifice

That chart is about the US Military Kids, but the sacrifices our Military Kids make is universal.

Military children make up a very special part of [any] nation's population. Although young, these brave sons and daughters stand in steadfast support of their military parents through moves and deployments. To honor their unique contributions and sacrifices on behalf of our country, each April is designated the Month of the Military Child.

The average child in a military family will move six to nine times during a school career. That's an average of three times more frequently than nonmilitary families. Source: Department of Defense Education Activity

Master Cpl. Tyler Stobbs was reunited with his three-year-old son Lyam just in time for Christmas following a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Photograph by: Nick Brancaccio, The Windsor Star  (2010)

The Military BRAT lifestyle is a lifestyle like no other  (and despite what Wiki tells you, the term BRAT actually originates from Britain.)

Child holds on tight to her dad's leg while saying goodbye to him. Her father deployed to Southwest Asia for six months in support of OEF and OIF

Out of Britain:
Published on February 2nd, 2015 | by Pete Ogburn
Over 40 Plymouth HMS Hero delegates took up the Commando challenge at 42 Commando, Royal Marines, Bickleigh, as part of their termly network meeting.

The Heroes, aged 5 to 14, were invited to the base, by Major Titerickx, and took up the challenge with lots of enthusiasm. After a fantastic lunch in the mess, the Heroes got stuck in to a series of activities in the gymn, including the climbing wall, obstacle courses and lots of physical puzzles and tests! Everyone passed with flying colours and the 4 teams of Heroes, most of whom didn’t know each other before the challenge, worked really well together.

Go check out the pictures, and the site, for more on how Britain works hard to take care of our youngest Heroes.

Mark David's son Aaron Juarez visits his fathers grave

GO read the rest of his story at the link.

Lest we forget,  Military kids also make the ultimate Sacrifice when their parents give their lives on deployment.   There are more than a few MilKids who hold a special place in my heart.

The May kids: the pride and joy of US Fallen Hero Marine Corp SSG Donald C May and his wife Deborah.

Perhaps the most recent in Canada is Cpl Nathan Cirillo's son. Marcus. Cpl Cirillo was the unarmed Soldier who was murdered while standing on guard the Canadian War Memorial last October.

[...]It was a hat just like his dad’s, a special gift from his father’s regiment — the kind given when there are simply no words, least of all for a 5-year-old child.

With its distinctive red-and-white checker pattern, the Glengarry cap was the same type his dad proudly wore with Hamilton’s Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the one that topped the uniform of 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo as he guarded the National War Memorial, the one that would soon be placed on the soldier’s coffin. [...]

GO read the rest here.

April may be the officially designated Month of the Military Child, but our MilKids Serve and Sacrifice every month, every week, every day, every minute, for the rest of their lives.


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Children of fallen fathers

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Canada: Navy to name vessel after 100 year old living Hero

From CBC News:
Navy ship named after Margaret Brooke, 'naval hero' in SS Caribou sinking

Brooke tried to save fellow nurse's life after ferry torpedoed by German submarine in WWII

CBC News 
Apr 13, 2015Margaret Brooke was a nursing sister in the Royal Canadian Navy in 1942, and was on board the SS Caribou when it was hit by a German torpedo and sank off the coast of Newfoundland. (Submitted)

The Royal Canadian Navy announced Monday a new offshore patrol ship will be named after Dr. Margaret Brooke, who tried to save her friend when the SS Caribou ferry sank off the coast of Newfoundland during the Second World War.

The Caribou was torpedoed by a German submarine in the Cabot Strait on Oct. 14, 1942 and sank in five minutes.

Brooke, originally from Saskatchewan but living in B.C., was a military nursing sister working in a new naval hospital at the time.

She was en route to Port aux Basques, N.L., from North Sydney on the night the Caribou sank.

Brooke's family were visiting her on Friday for her 100th birthday and that's when she found about the news.

"I had no idea that anything like this was about to occur. It took me completely by surprise, and I'm greatly honoured," said Brooke.

"I think it's the first time they ever named a warship after an individual, let alone a woman."...

Margaret Brooke was celebrating her 100th birthday last week in Victoria, B.C., when she learned a new naval vessel would be named after her for her efforts trying to saving a friend when the SS Caribou was hit by a German torpedo in 1942. (Submitted)

GO read the rest of the harrowing details of this amazing slice of history.

Thank you for your Service, Ma'am..

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day

From The Times of Israel
Mengele twin, Hagana fighters, and a ‘mute’, among survivors honored

6 survivors kindle memorial flames at Wednesday night’s official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony


When the annual Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day begins Wednesday evening, the official start of the 24-hour-long period is marked with a ceremony at Yad Vashem, Israel’s official museum commemorating the Holocaust.

[...]one of the most poignant and uplifting parts of the ceremony is the lighting of the torches in memory of the six million who perished during the Holocaust.

The torches are traditionally lit by six survivors who suffered through the travails of the Holocaust but managed to emerge alive and make their way to Israel, then just a fledgling state.

“The torchlighters really symbolize the six million victims and the survivors,” said Estee Yaari, a spokesperson for Yad Vashem. “It’s their personal stories that we are able to connect with, that create an emotional connection for many people.”...
From Israel National News:
'The World Has Not Learned the Lessons of the Holocaust'
PM Binyamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin speak at annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony - and connect past, present, and future.

By Tova Dvorin

April 15, 2015


Rivlin: Seventy years ago, tonight...

"We stand here tonight, in painful silence at Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day," Rivlin began.  "Exactly seventy years since April 15th 1945, a Sunday afternoon. The day when the first British soldiers crossed the gates of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp."

"The joy of liberation was replaced by horror," he said. "The horror that was revealed before their eyes was inconceivable.  In the camp, lay thousands of bodies.  In March 1945 alone - a few weeks before the camp was liberated - eighteen thousand, one hundred and sixty-eight people died at Bergen-Belsen; most of them Jews, men, women and children, some of them nameless."

"Fourteen thousand people died of hunger and disease during the first five days after the camp's liberation," he noted. "In the barracks were sixty thousand men and women, most of them sick, in a serious condition."

"They could not move. They lay in the bunks, starving, thirsty, exhausted and sick. The living dead.  Their families were murdered, burned, slaughtered, or disappeared," he described. "They lost everything.  Each was sure they were ‘The Last Jew’."  ...


Netanyahu's address

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu then spoke.

“Seventy years ago the bells of freedom rang across the world," he began. "The terrible nightmare in Europe came to an end.”

"The victory against the Nazis was not only a day of rejoicing, it was also a terrible day of sadness [...] and a day of self-reflection to world leaders," he continued. " World leaders understood that they now had an opportunity to rebuild a society based on freedom.”

Netanyahu connected the policy of appeasement of world leaders, then in the League of Nations, to the current Iran deal - and implicated that much of the West, in this sense, has not learned from the Holocaust.

“Democracies cannot turn their eyes away from the dictatorships of the world that seek to spread their influence," he insisted. “Ahead of World War II, the world attempted to appease the Nazis. They wanted quite at any price, and the terrible price did come.”
Netanyahu said that, similarly, "nothing is being done" about Iran. 
"Appeasing tyrannical regimes will only increase their aggression and is an approach that is liable to drag the world into larger wars," he warned. [emphasis mine]
“We will continue to work towards opening the eyes of the world” to Iran, he said. “Even if we will be forced to stand alone, we will not falter. We will maintain our right to defend ourselves… we will not let the state of Israel become a passing phase in the history of our nation.”...

Read much more here.

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Video: Iraq - 500 more US Troops to deploy in "not Buuuuush's war"

Remember THIS?

H/T Hot Air who has more to say here.

Despite that, most of us paying attention have been well aware that there has been US Troops in Iraq all along, and are so not surprised by this latest announcement.

Now today comes this from One Marine's View:

April 15, 2015
82nd Airborne &10th Mtn Div to deploy to Iraq

There was a time when some Americans bashed President Bush for the war in Iraq. Then there was nothing but self-praise about how this president ended the war in Iraq. Sad and full of deception. Now as you can see, America is going back to Iraq again and behind the power curve which will have to be repaid once again in American lives. Looks like everything this president has said is everything but what is right for America. Time for a C-Gar

About 500 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division will deploy this summer to Iraq and other locations in the region to support Operation Inherent Resolve.

About 1,250 soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division will deploy to Iraq later this year, officials said Monday.

The soldiers from the division's 1st Brigade Combat Team will deploy in August or September, said Maj. Josh Jacques, a spokesman for the division.There was a time when some Americans bashed President Bush for the war in Iraq. Then there was nothing but self-praise about how this president ended the war in Iraq. Sad and full of deception....

There is more here.  GO read.

Maybe  Hillary Clinton will be caught in her Scooby bus long enough to ask for her opinion in this latest development in "not Buuuush's war".

Don't hold your breath.

Video: The killing of Christians - the world shrugs

Every single day I find reports of Christians being murdered - persecuted, executed because they are Christians.  Came across an important video.

The World's Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

November 10, 2014

The most persecuted and victimized people in the world today are Christians in the Middle East. The perpetrators of the widespread destruction of that region's Christian community? Islamists.

Four months on, the killings by Islamist terrorists continue and world leaders still shrug..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Canada: 200 Troops being sent to Ukraine

This just in - literally.

From the CBC:

Canada prepares to join in training Ukraine military
Most Canadian troops expected to be housed at NATO training centre in Ukraine's westCBC News  Apr 14, 2015

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced Canada will join a training mission to help Ukraine's beleaguered military.

After months of requests for help from the Ukrainian government, Tuesday morning's announcement represents the first time the Canadian Forces have joined Ukrainian forces in their struggle against Russian-backed rebels.

Up to 200 troops may be involved in a training mission that could last until 2017.


Canada's mission is an attempt to push back against the Russian regime of President Vladimir Putin. It may start within weeks.

Canada's British and American allies are already in Ukraine conducting training missions of their own. The U.S. is leading the effort Canada now joins....


ISIS again warns "We will burn America"

That graphic comes from PJ Media and heads their report of ISIS' latest threat to America, where they promise us 'another 9/11.'

New Islamic State Video Calls for Attacks on the American Homeland, Promises Another 9/11

by Patrick PooleApril 11, 2015

The Islamic State has released a new 11-minute video called “We Will Burn America” that calls for supporters to attack the American homeland and promises another 9/11.

Here’s the full video:...

Right, except that there is no video, with this instead being displayed:

This video has been removed because its contents violated YouTube's Terms of Service.

The post then continues:

At this juncture I would note the New York Times’ front page article on December 29 that described how America’s top war fighters, namely Special Operations Command, freely admit that they don’t understand the ideology driving ISIS and other Islamic terror groups:

WASHINGTON — Maj. Gen. Michael K. Nagata, commander of American Special Operations forces in the Middle East, sought help this summer in solving an urgent problem for the American military: What makes the Islamic State so dangerous?

Trying to decipher this complex enemy — a hybrid terrorist organization and a conventional army — is such a conundrum that General Nagata assembled an unofficial brain trust outside the traditional realms of expertise within the Pentagon, State Department and intelligence agencies, in search of fresh ideas and inspiration. Business professors, for example, are examining the Islamic State’s marketing and branding strategies.

“We do not understand the movement, and until we do, we are not going to defeat it,” he said, according to the confidential minutes of a conference call he held with the experts. “We have not defeated the idea. We do not even understand the idea.”...
GO read the rest here. 

I found this post via JihadWatch who also had a link to the same video, with the same YouTube removal message:

Warning: the video is graphic. It shows beheadings. For the Islamic State, that is not repulsive — it is a recruitment tool. It signals to Muslims that they are heeding the Qur’anic injunction: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (47:4).

JihadWatch then excerpts the same PJ Media post I have above, and ends with this paragraph which repeats the logic many of us  have been yelling about for years.

You can call in all the marketing executives and Harvard academics all you like, but when the Obama administration — meaning the entire U.S. government – as a matter of established policy refuses to acknowledge the ideology and intentions that our enemy publishes IN ENGLISH in the form of videos, audio recordings and magazines, and actively prohibits anyone in a government department or agency from discussing or speaking about said ideology, you really are beyond hope. And so is America.

I have long been on the record that it is not "if" but "when" the next 9/11 type attack happens on US soil, video warnings or not.  Truth be told, our politicians are failing us all, as they refuse to acknowledge the real threats that Islamist Terrorists pose globally - including North America.  Burying our heads in the sand, and pretending we have nothing to worry about, is beyond foolish or absurd - it is DANGEROUS.