Monday, September 6, 2010

Salt in the wound by Rita W. Jones

TexasStarRecords | September 01, 2010

A song written to share the sentiment of all who oppose the mosque being built at Ground Zero. "45 Park Place" where landing gear crashed through the roof of the building IS Ground Zero. (here)

"...what kind of fools do you think we are?...that's hallowed ground, back off you vultures..."

H/T Mike

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trencherbone said...

As the 9/11 anniversary approaches, expect crocodile tears from 'moderate' Muslims who will quote cancelled verses from the Koran to explain how Islam is a religion of peace.

Don't believe a word of it, Islam encourages them to tell lies to fool gullible non-Muslims.

Their only loyalties and moral obligations are to one another, and they believe all non-Muslims are 'najis' - filth on a par with urine and feces.

They are at war with us, always have been at war with us, and always will be at war with us, until they cease to be Muslim.