Thursday, September 25, 2014

ANA Officers graduate

From MoD:

One of the newly-graduated Afghan National Army officer cadets [Picture: Corporal Chantelle Cooke RAF, Crown copyright]
Defence Secretary salutes first Afghan officer cadets
24 September 2014

Michael Fallon has attended the passing out ceremony of cadets from the first intake of the Afghan National Army Officer Academy.

The Defence Secretary met with a number of the 243 graduates who were selected from an initial pool of 10,000 to attend the British-mentored officer academy.

The 42-week leadership course was inspired by the ethos of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst but tailored to Afghan experience.

Mr Fallon said:

I am proud to see these new, highly-trained officers prepare to take their place in the Afghan National Army.

Benefiting from UK-led mentoring, these leaders will strengthen Afghan forces as they continue to provide security for their people....

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