Sunday, April 19, 2009

Every Day Hero BONUS

These are the most recent pictures of Peanut, and they just happen to be my favourite pics of her, so far!!! I am sure my regular readers all remember the story of Peanut who I named as one of my Heroes of the Year. Yes, I know this space is usually profiling a military hero, but I believe that our girl Peanut is a hero - every single day.

Don sent out an update today, and I want to share it with you all:

I just got a phone call from Rob. They are in San Jose training to take care of Peanut when she comes home (it looks like she will be home right around Rob's birthday in mid May if all works out). The report is a good one!! When they first walked into her room she was asleep, but woke up when Katrina spoke to her. She smiled and reached for Kat with one hand so Kat picked her up. She saw Rob, but he was wearing a hat and she didn't react to him. He took the hat off and she immediately smiled. I guess she likes He also reported that the windmilling of her arms has slowed and seems to be more controlled, and when she is laying in her bed she seems to be raising one leg and trying with all her might to sit up. She hasn't succeeded yet, but it probably won't be long. Most impressive of all is that she is trying to talk. Rob says it's very faint and unintelligible, but she is definitely trying to form words.

The training they are going through consists mostly of being present when the various tasks such as hooking up the feeding tubes and feeding her, clearing and cleaning the tubes, administering her meds, etc. Rob said that the side rail on her bed had been down while they were at her bedside and after the meds the nurse raised it and Peanut started crying......she thought they were leaving. Kat lowered the rail and touched her face and she stopped.

A special wheelchair and car seat are being built for her to accomodate her special needs and my next project will be to build a wheelchair ramp at the house. It's a project that I am looking forward to and I want to be there when she is wheeled up it for the first time because that will mean that she is finally home, something that we have all prayed for for so long.

The miracles continue and I can only imagine how fast our little girl will progress when she is in the home full of so much love where she belongs, and thank God that it is not that far away.

Keep the prayers coming and watch the miracles happen!!

With love,

Not much I can add to that except that this little girl is proof positive (just as Isabella was) of the power of prayer. She IS one of my heroes..

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