Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vandals Destroy Monument to Fallen Hero

From CJ:
Vandals Destroy Monument to Fallen Hero

If this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will.

Vandals in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan have, for the second time, targeted a memorial to LCPL Justin Ellsworth, KIA Fallujah, Iraq- 2004. (Before and After Pictures Below) The first time the vandals ripped the American flag off the pole, poured gasoline on it, and burned the flag atop the boots, rifle, and helmet.

Justin’s father, John Ellsworth, has been a vocal supporter of our troops and is now the President of Military Families United, the nation’s leading military family advocacy organization in Washington, DC. Military Families United has been an outspoken voice for our troops and their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as advocating for strong national defense policies and increased funding for our troops.

We need your help to stand up to the politically motivated dishonoring of America’s heroes. Families United has started a fund that will collect money to repair memorials vandalized by those that seek to disgrace the service and sacrifice of our American Heroes. The Families United Memorial Restoration Fund will work to quickly repair and restore the monuments to our Fallen Heroes, not just Justin, but every fallen Hero. Families United is committed to making sure that the American people know about these heinous and disgraceful acts.

If you’d like to help Families United fix this memorial, CLICK HERE to donate to the fund....

WTH? Some days I truly despair of the human race. I don't give a damn what your views are about the current Global War on Terror (and yes, it IS called that for a good reason), this vandalism is inexcusable. Okay, I am riled up, and if you want to see pictures of the before and after of these ***** work, go on over to CJ's here.

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