Friday, June 26, 2009

"She died on the streets to say something."

The header is part of an interview Dr Arash Hejazi gave about the death of Neda on the bloody streets of Iran. He is the man who tried to save her, as her blood ran through his fingers:

Iran doctor tells of Neda's death

"We heard a gunshot. Neda was standing a metre away from me... I saw blood gushing out of her chest"

The doctor who tried to save an Iranian protester as she bled to death on a street in Tehran has told the BBC of her final moments.

Dr Arash Hejazi, who is studying at a university in the south of England, said he ran to Neda Agha-Soltan's aid after seeing she had been shot in the chest.

Despite his attempts to stop the bleeding she died in less than a minute, he said.

Video of Ms Soltan's death was posted on the internet and images of her have become a rallying point for Iranian opposition supporters around the world.

Dr Hejazi also told how passers-by then seized an armed Basij militia volunteer who appeared to admit shooting Ms Soltan.

Dr Hejazi said he had not slept for three nights following the incident, but he wanted to speak out so that her death was not in vain.

He doubted that he would be able to return to Iran after talking openly about Ms Soltan's killing....

Dr Hejazi is a brave man for breaking the deafening silence that the regime is trying to impose on the people of Iran. Go watch a video of his interview, and read text excerpts, on the BBC here.

Stay tuned. TRUTH will not be silenced.

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Anonymous said...

I've tried to follow as much of this as I can, tho the world seems more interested int he death of Michael Jackson than the struggle of an entire country right now. When the worst your country can come up with is the 'Ute Gate' scandal, it is then you realise just how lucky you are.

Good stuff Brat, keep blogging and getting the story out there.