Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Do Americans Care about British Soldiers?

When I first saw that header above, I was like "DUH!" My tag on SA is: Every soldier is one of our own, and I have heard many stories firsthand of American and British troops working beside each other. Today, all over the internet is a great story of just how far the Americans are more than willing to go to save the life of one of their British brother in arms. The header is from Michael Yon's piece - brilliant as always - but I am going to share Bouhammer's piece on this:
USA and Soldiers Angels step up for British Soldier

Posted By Bouhammer on August 19, 2009

I am proud to say that I consider Mary Ann Phillips and Shelle Michaels friends. I really don’t know Michael Yon that well but am friends with many that do and I am a big fan of his writings and his book.

The story in the link below is a must-read. Especially if you would like a little bit of good news coming out of Afghanistan. This is a good-news story. It shows to what ends of the earth our US forces will go to save a life, and not even an American life. You can see by the speed they used to mobilize, and what they through at this problem to get the British soldiers to Germany alive that there was never a “hey who is paying for this” moment.

I can read this and plainly see as if I was there, that people had a mission and they stuck to it.

This is also a great testament to Soldier’s Angels and the awesome work they do. supports them directly with sales from the Bouhammer Gear Store and supports their Project Valour-IT initiative with the Twitterbird shirt. Now you will see why they are one of only four charities that I put my support behind....

To get a sense of the lengths the Americans went to, and all the logistics involved, head over to Bouhammer's here. Be SURE and follow the links to Michael Yon, and yes, bookmark HIS site, too...

THIS Brit thanks you, America! And a special thanks to a special Angel, Mary Ann!

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