Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Israeli Soldier's Mother : another Army mum

You seeing a trend here today? You all must know what huge respect I have for military mums, and I make no apologies - EVER - for sharing their insights.

Israeli Soldier's Mother lives in Israel (there's a shocker..,) and always has a unique perspective, and she is ALWAYS so eloquent. Yes, her insights are unique in that she is not in America, but her perspective is also universal to all the military mums we know and love.

What is also universal, is the number of readers all of us who blog get, who really do not understand our positions. Not only do they not understand, they choose to stay firmly entrenched in their narrow-minded views where all things military are bad, and soldiers are....well, you know the drill. Comments from these people are always interesting - if not enlightening - and those of us who write, choose whether or not to share them with our general readership.

Israeli Soldier's Mother recently decided to answer one such reader on her site. She shows more patience than I would give. Read on:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Unconditional Beliefs and the Virtue of the IDF

Sometimes all it takes to make a post is a comment - so here's one. SK writes:
What I find so cringe-inducing in this blog is your unconditional belief in the virtue of your son serving in the IDF. There are things worth dying for, but I posit that maintaining the status quo in Israel is not one of them. I would take no pride in having a son of mine be a pawn in a political game.
Cringe-inducing? I have to remember that one, but let's move on to the main points:

1. I don't know that I like the phrase "unconditional belief in the virtue" of my son "serving in the IDF." To be honest, I'm not sure I even have unconditional belief in the virtue of my son, though I will deny I wrote that, suggest some horrible mother hijacked my blog and anyway, it was a mistake. I have unconditional belief in God and in the virtue of His actions, decrees, rules and promises. I believe, with complete faith, in the coming of the Messiah...hey, someone should make that into a song! I also believe, with complete faith, that God rules this planet, all who inhabit it, all that happens here, and all that will happen. I also believe that we are all God's children - Arab, Jew, and Christian...no matter what order Obama uses. And finally, I do believe, long ago, that God took a special liking to Abraham and to Isaac and to Jacob. And, for that matter, to Moses as well. I believe He promised to them and to their descendents, a beautiful, holy land and that our living here is the embodiment of that promise, the fulfillment not only of our dream, but of God's plan.

To live here, we must be honest with ourselves and with our neighbors. Honestly, they don't like us living here. They really want us to leave, preferably by way of the sea, and without boats or ships or submarines....

Israeli Soldier's Mother goes point by point, and you really should go read the rest here. Then, as usual, bookmark her site, and check back often. You will get the inside scoop from her that you will not get from the msm. Trust me!

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