Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A call to service..

Remember when President Obama called upon Americans to volunteer for one day of service? Remember the photo op of him doing his part with his sleeves rolled up, and wielding a paint roller?

Well I found a post on Charlie Foxtrot that perfectly demonstrates President Obama's real idea of where he feels HIS service begins and ends.:

Obama serves $100/lb Waygu steak in the White House.

Dozens die and over 700,000 remain without power....and without Federal Govt assistance....

If you haven't read Charlie Foxtrot yet, make a point of stopping by. Start with this post here.

Charlie Foxtrot is not the only blogger noticing the distinct disinterest coming from the White House for the plight of Americans in the midst of ice storms - thousands without power - as the thermostat in the PEOPLE'S House is cranked to a balmy (or barmy) 80 degrees.

Michelle Malkin is also on the job. She has a few posts up, comparing the difference in Presidential response/interest between Katrina and Kentucky. She also notices how the msm is silent about President Obama's apparent non-involvement with the ice storm disaster, quite unlike the hissy fit the media had with President Bush and Katrina. Double standard, anyone? :

Helping Kentucky ice storm victims

By Michelle Malkin • February 2, 2009 11:04 AM

Will President Obama leave his 77-degree-heated Oval Office and visit the Kentucky ice storm disaster area? Over/under?

National Guard troops are out there:

Thousands of National Guard troops wielding chain saws cut their way into remote communities yesterday to reach residents stranded by a deadly ice storm, enabling some to get out of their driveways for the first time in nearly a week. The soldiers went door-to-door, handing out chili and beef stew to people cooped up in homes without power as authorities increased relief efforts for what Gov. Steve Beshear called the biggest natural disaster ever to hit the state. Kentucky was hit hardest by an ice storm that stretched from the Ozarks through Appalachia last week. Officials said the storm was a factor in at least 42 deaths, mostly from hypothermia, traffic accidents or carbon monoxide poisoning from improperly installed generators or charcoal grills used indoors.

Mississippi power crews are out there:...

Over a quarter million residents are still without power....

And then she details the other states that are pitching in to help, ending with one of her commenter's words:

Remember when Obama claimed 10,000 people died in the Kansas twister and blamed Bush for states not having the resource to respond?

Obama pledged in the 2008 campaign, that “the federal government needs to be a strong, swift, effective partner with state governments in dealing with disasters.”

So, where’s the swift response, President Hopeychange?

Hilldawg attacked Bush for not responding to Katrina saying he just didn’t care: “It is a great injustice that you would deny the resources to your own people, but that shouldn’t surprise us, because many people are invisible to this president.”

Is it fair to say the people in Missouri and Kentucky are invisible to this president?

Go read this post, and others on the topic, here.

I also read somewhere else that the Obama Presidency is being hailed as a return to "Washington as fun." That sounds appropriate in these serious times, doesn't it? Hmmmmmm..

Blackfive also wonders where the help is for these thousands suffering throughout the icestorm:

Where is FEMA now?

Posted By Maj Pain

Where is FEMA now??

After 42 deaths and the use of 4,600 National Guardsman, the state among adjacent states are suffering low temps, most without water and electricity. From Missouri to Ohio, thousands were waiting in shelters for the power to return. As far away as Oklahoma, around 10,000 customers still had no electricity. There are no families standing on their roof tops yelling for help, they would freeze. The common folk say “they can handle it”,” they will get through it”. That’s not really the point. The point is, they need help... (read the rest here)

Calling President Obama, anybody there? Your country needs you to put down that silver service and get out and be SEEN to serving your fellow Americans. Correct me if I am wrong, Mr President, but um uh ummmm aren't YOU a servant/employee of the people of America? Along with your $100 per lb steak, comes great responsibility. Time to look as if you are aware of these things, roll up those sleeves, and start earning that silver service. Just sayin.

Oh, and in case you think President Obama's $100 per lb-steak eating ways are being slammed by all, check out a related post on Canada Free Press. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is apparently not happy with folks who eat meat. It's a carbon foot print issue, don't you know?

Judi McLeod:

Is PETA too CHICKEN to notice President Obama’s “addiction” to wagyu steak

Obama gets PETA pass on Wagyu Steak

By Judi McLeod
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

imagePeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), strident in its criticism of meat-eating Al Gore, are silent on Obama’s spending binge on wagyu steak.

And the Obama silence is equally deafening from the Live Earth Concert crowd, who acknowledge that not eating meat is “the single most effective thing” (italics theirs) you can do to reduce your climate change impact, and whose official handbook Gore helped organize.

“Just in time for Earth day, Gore will see himself plastered on posters across the Internet, an embarrassing fate for a guy who claims to be saving the world from global warming/climate change.” (Gorging Gore “addicted” to steak, April 22, 2008).

And there is more. Go read that here.

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