Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama-Dictator and Ruler with "Change"

And what ELSE is US President Obama up to? From Poison Pen comes this:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama-Dictator and Ruler with "Change"

While the Nation's focus is on the Spendulous Plan for a Trillion Dollars, and Americans are wondering how to feed they're families, pay regular bills, and pay for this Spendulous Plan...Obama's attorneys and Obama have SNUCK two proposals through the House Judiciary.
That's right, Obama purposefully keeps the Peoples attention diverted from his TRUE Plan. The Dictation of the Nation.

All of those 3 million jobs he plans to magically produce??? Government positions, building the super highway that runs from Canada to Mexico through the Midwest. Taking land for the project by eminent domain. Resurfacing the Nations regular highways, because they have to LINK to the Super Highway.

Forcing Nationalized health care, adding more funds to State Benefits programs so everyone qualifies for Financial assistance, Food Stamps, and Medicaid.
CONTROLLING your employer's so YOU are controlled.

Government is planning on growing exponentially, while freedom shrivels like a shrinky-dink in an oven....

You know there is more. Find it here.

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