Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gold Star Mothers' Day

GSM statue with roses at unveling, Putnam_sm.jpg (17926 bytes)

Mothers of fallen servicemembers began calling themselves “Gold Star Mothers” during the First World War, but the sorrowful bond they share reaches back to every woman who has lost a son or daughter in uniform since our nation’s revolution. The Army cherishes the mothers of its Soldiers as bedrocks of support and comfort, and honors the mothers of its fallen as resilient legacies of their children’s service. The United States began observing Gold Star Mothers Day on the last Sunday of September in 1936. This year, the Army joins the nation on September 27th in recognizing the sacrifice and strength of its Gold Star Mothers. (Go here to learn more.)

Then go over to Soldiers' Angels Germany here, where Mary Ann says what all of us feel about our Gold Star Mothers.

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