Friday, November 29, 2013

Argentina sabre rattling over Falklands - again

From British Forces News:

Argentine threat over Falklands oil 

29 November 2013 | British Forces News

Argentina has threatened oil businesses operating off the Falkland Islands with fines, jail terms, and confiscation of assets.

Its London embassy announced that new laws have been passed by the Argentine Congress to punish exploration it claims is in breach of a United Nations resolution.

But the Foreign Office insisted the activities were "wholly legitimate and legal" and entirely under the control of the Government of the island, a British overseas territory.

Islanders recently voted overwhelmingly by 1,513 to three to remain a British overseas territory.
Buenos Aires has issued repeated written legal warnings to firms that they face administrative, civil and criminal action for operating off the islands which Argentina calls Las Malvinas....

Yes, you know there is more here.

I have written many times about the Falklands, so for background just put Falkland Islands  in the search thing above.

As any long-time reader here knows, I stand 100% with the Islanders who  choose to remain part of Britain, rather than Argentina.

So, nice try, Argentina, but NO!

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