Thursday, March 7, 2013

Al-Qaeda in the US

From Secure America Now comes this:

Thursday, 07 March 2013

Al-Qaeda in the United States: An Important New Study by the Henry Jackson Society

A new report by the Henry Jackson Society reveals that the Islamist terrorist threat comes significantly from within the United States, not just from without.

According to the new report, Al-Qaeda in the United States, of the 171 al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda-inspired terrorists who either committed acts of suicide terrorism in the U.S. or were convicted in U.S. civilian or military courts from 1997 to 2011, 54% were American citizens, and more than a third were born in the United States.

"Moreover, 36% of all individuals were U.S. born, indicating that these were citizens who had grown up in the U.S. rather than having moved there later in life. Therefore, this statistic dispels the myth that the terrorist threat is primarily external."

The Henry Jackson Society is a British-based think tank focused on foreign policy and national security issues. The authors, Robin Simcox and Emily Dyer, are research fellows at the Henry Jackson Society.

If you are one of those that doesn't know that homegrown terrorists exist - and are operating in ALL our countries you are choosing to remain wilfully ignorant.

Time is long past when we should all be paying close attention to what is going on.  Period.

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