Sunday, August 9, 2015

Canada: National Peacekeepers Day

Established in Canada in 2008, National Peacekeepers' Day provides an opportunity for Canadians to express the pride and respect they have toward personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and provincial and municipal police forces, as well as Canadian diplomats and civilians who have worked in support of international peace and security operations.

More than 125 000 Canadian peacekeepers have participated in dozens of international efforts over the past six decades in countries all over the world. August 9 was selected as National Peacekeepers' Day to recognize the greatest single loss of Canadian lives on a peacekeeping mission, which occurred on that date in 1974.

Read more about ‪#‎NationalPeacekeepersDay‬ on the Veterans Affairs Canada's website:

[Photo: Warrant Officer Eric Dugas (bottom) and Sergeant Pierre-Alexandre Ruegsegger (top) from 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Régiment observe their surroundings during a presence patrol in Port-au-Prince, Haiti during ‪#‎OpHAMLET‬on September 13, 2013. Credit: MCpl Marc-Andre Gaudreault, CF Combat Camera / Caméra de combat des FC]

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