Sunday, October 11, 2015

Canada: Anti-Islamist Muslims speak out

Finally!  I have long been asking "Where are the muslims who stand against islamist terrorists?  Why don't they speak up and condemn the work of the terrorists?"

From Clarion Project:

Give Us a Voice: Anti-Islamists Muslims in Canada Take Out Ad
Snubbed by the media in favor of Islamists, six Muslim orgs declared their opposition to Islamists and sharia law that is at odds with the modern world.

BY Ryan MauroThu, October 8, 2015

Part of an ad placed by six anti-Islamist Muslim organizations in Canada.

In a little-noticed story over the summer, six Canadian-Muslim organizations have taken out a newspaper advertisement declaring their opposition to Islamist extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood and rejecting the Islamists’ tactic of using false accusations of "Islamophobia" to stifle dissent.

 The full page advertisement appeared in the print version of Canada's National Post and can be seen below:

 One of the endorsers, the Council of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, explains that its version of Islam differs from the Islamists -- and the sharia law -- that they base their beliefs on.

 "MFT [Muslims Facing Tomorrow] distinguishes between Islam, as a monotheistic faith tradition, and Shari'a as a time-bound, humanly constructed, legal-political system in the name of Islam from the 9th to 10th century that is mostly at odds with the modern world," its website states....

There IS more here.

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