Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Team Rubicon needs your help

Team Rubicon is on the move, and on their way to Chile. For those who don't know who Team Rubicon is, go to their home site here.

TR mission statement is pretty basic:

Team Rubicon bridges the critical time gap between large natural disasters and conventional aid response. We provide vanguard medical care by fielding small, self-sustaining, mobile teams of specially skilled first-responders. To deploy rapidly, we rely heavily on a horizontal command structure, social networking technology, and the employment of local nationals.

TR proved their operating model works, as they went into Haiti and made a huge difference in so many lives. While the big organisations were slow as sloths getting their relief efforts under way, TR was on the ground and saving lives.

Now they are en route to Chile, and Jake Wood sent out the following call for help:
Team Rubicon needs your help!

I am hoping that you can pass this message on to as many people as possible, with the hope that Team Rubicon's FB group can grow.

I am leaving for Chile in a few hours. My five man team has enough medical supplies to treat 250 acute wounds and 100 fractures. Treating these injuries in the next 48 hours significantly reduces the chance for infection, compartment syndrome and other complications which will lead to death and/or amputation. We are also bringing a military grade satellite communications system which will enable us to communicate and coordinate efforts with the Chilean government, with who we have already established high ranking points of contact.

We are also in the process of assembling a follow-on team that is on stand-by to fly from Chicago. This team will not depart until my team deems that the situation near Concepcion warrants it. However, reports trickling out of the most devastated region state that they have not yet received medical care, and that the destruction is complete.

Unfortunately this all costs money. At this point in time my team is covered, however, we are not sure what costs will be incurred by the Chicago element should they be activated to deploy. We are asking everyone to contribute $10 (and so many of you already have, THANK YOU) and more importantly pass this on to everyone they know!

Other groups are sitting around and waiting for an ideal situation to develop, we are making a dysfunctional situation ideal.

Thank you for your time.

Jake Wood
President, Team Rubicon


Go over to TR's site, check them out, and then donate what you can.

Thank you.

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