Friday, March 4, 2011


We serve Afghanistan

10.02. Ghazni. 89 Afghani policemen completed non-commissioned officers' course conducted in the Police School (Training Sustainment Site), held in Polish Task Force, Ghazni. Graduation ceremony took place on 10th February.

50 policemen from Ghazni and 39 from Kandahar participated in a four months' long training. Initially, the course included learning the basics: writing, personal hygiene, drill, shooting, and also Afghani law and Constitution. Later on, they learned combat skills, such as: detention of suspected persons, patrolling, setting up checkpoints, repelling the assualts on convoys, tackling IED threats, learning how to use handcuffs, suppressing riots. During this edition of training new elements were introduced such as a driving course for the vehicles Ranger type.

In the ceremonial award of certificates participated delegates of Polish HQ of the Ghazni province, deputy commander of TF White Eagle Col Albert Cox (US) and commander of the Training Task Group of Afghani Security Forces Col płk Marcin Fitas.

Maj Abdul Karim, assistant of Commandant of the Ghazni province said to the cadets: Your major duty will be providing security to your citizens, but still, you need to be ready to fight back the insurgents" (..).

9 Afghani instructors supported by 15 Polish mentors from the Land Forces and Military Police, and a number of US instructors teach in the Training Sustainment Site. It was a fourth course run in TSS and the first one during the 8th rotation of the Polish Task Force. Soon, 150 policemen will take part in another round of a course.

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