Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Israeli professor attacked by Pro-Arabs: In Belfast

Belfast Guards Save Israeli Speaker from Pro-Arab Attackers

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Pro-Arab hecklers at Belfast’s Queen’s University recently threatened an Israeli speaker, who was rescued by security men, but his taxi was attacked as he fled.

Solon Solomon, a former member of the Knesset’s legal department, had been invited to speak to law students at the university, but Palestine Solidarity Society (PSS) and Sinn Fein hecklers forced him to abandon the lecture hall. They surrounded the room where he had fled, until security men rescued him.

Meanwhile, members of the Northern Ireland Friends of Israel ran into another room until they could leave safely.

After security guards ushered Solomon into a taxi, the anti-Israeli mob attacked the vehicle and tried to break its windows. The taxi ran over the foot of one of the protesters who was attempting to stop the vehicle.

The Belfast Herald noted that Israel Professor Geoffrey Alderman had been invited to join a panel at a Queen’s Festival event but the invitation later was rescinded without explanation.

The newspaper wrote of the incident at Queen’s University, “This is not actually an issue about being pro or anti Israel. It’s about being pro-freedom of speech."

"We have been told that disciplinary proceedings are a matter for the university authorities," reported the student newspaper The Gown. "Offenses of misconduct [at the university] include criminal damage, nuisance behavior and disorderly behavior. If an individual is found to have carried out an offense it could result in a £150 fine or expulsion from the University.”

University official Sarah Wheeler said, “It’s very sad really, I suppose in 25 years as an academic, I’ve never seen anyone shouted down after five minutes speaking.”...

Freedom of speech for thee, but not for me. Read the rest of this - and yes, Sinn Fein is quoted - here.

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