Monday, March 7, 2011

"Lock and Load (With Canada's Heroes)"

CanadianArmyNews: Soldier writes "rock anthem" for troops

My regular readers know who MCpl Elton Adams is. "Lock and Load" is his latest video...

From the official Canadian Army site:

Soldier writes "rock anthem" for troops

MCpl Elton Adams has written a rock anthem for Canada's men and women in uniform.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Ottawa, Ontario — Master Corporal Elton Adams, of 1st Canadian Air Division Headquarters, is the composer, lyricist and performer of “Lock and Load (With Canada's Heroes),” a song that has the potential to become a rock anthem for today's Canadian Army.

MCpl Elton Adams, shown with his guitar.
MCpl Elton Adams, shown with his guitar.

“Music speaks to the heart and soul of everyone,” says MCpl Adams. Trained as a field artilleryman, MCpl Adams began to concentrate on song-writing during pre-deployment training and subsequent deployments in Bosnia and Afghanistan. His songs have highlighted the efforts and sacrifices of Canadian soldiers during humanitarian and offensive operations.

His biggest hit in the CF community, “What a Soldier Left Behind,” earned him both a colonel and a general's commendation. This led him to perform at many Support the Troops functions, including an opportunity to perform with Blue Rodeo in Afghanistan.

Inspired by the troops
MCpl Adams was inspired to write “Lock and Load (With Canada's Heroes)” because he wanted to honour the efforts of Canadian troops throughout the last decade. “These incredible young soldiers did not hesitate to venture into some of the toughest and most dangerous parts of the world, leaving their young families behind to handle the everyday burdens of the home front,” he says. ...(More here)

Thank YOU, MCpl Adams!

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