Monday, December 1, 2014

Video: Michael Brown of Ferguson - before and after the Grand Jury

Ben Shapiro  source

Published  Oct 28, 2014

Note that this video was created BEFORE the Grand Jury rendered its decision.  

As the mainstream media continued to perpetuate the narrative of Brown as the poor innocent child,  the grand jury report tells a very different story.

Grand Jury Report

No matter the facts, the race-baiters continue to demand 'justice for Michael.'

No matter the facts.....Former Mayor of NYC Rudy Guiliani comments on the current madness on the streets of Ferguson.

 Now,  the National Guard has been called in, Police Officer Wilson has resigned, and POTUS holds a 'summit' at the White House...Al Sharpton front and centre.

 Beer, anyone?

Pay attention, America.

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