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BRITISH Broadcasting Company: We will remember

Newsflash: Britain is at war. Could somebody please tell the BBC this news? As of today, Afghanistan has claimed the lives of 246 British troops and civilians.

In Memoriam

(MoD here)

In Iraq, Britain has - to date - lost 179 of its finest men and women. Check out The Telegraph for a breakdown of the statistics here.

Every one of these families, and most of Britain, seems to be aware that Britain is an ally in the Global War on Terror. The BBC, however, seems to feel it's okay for them to ignore this fact. Not just ignore the facts, and the many sacrifices being made, but to actively choose to not support the British troops fighting - and dying - overseas.

The video above, "We Will Remember Them" was created in November 2009 by musicians who wanted to show their support for the troops, and as a fundraiser for a British charity called Help for Heroes. Despite repeated approaches by people involved in this production, both BBC tv and radio has refused to add this song to ANY of their playlists. Disgraceful.

Since reading about this BBC decision here, (an American site by the way,) I have listened to the video many times, and I have asked myself why the Beeb would be so intransigent in their unwillingness to promote this song, and support our troops.

In WW2, Vera Lynn became the 'forces sweetheart,' and her music was widely played as a morale booster for the troops. To this day, BBC still has programmes profiling Dame Vera and the songs she sang back then still get airplay.

Obviously, that was a different time and a different war. Today, most of the BBC acknowledgment of the GWOT seems focused on the statistics of the fatalities. That's it!

WW2 was - I suppose - seen as a politically correct war, by the media. Nobody needs me to tell them that the current GWOT has not been supported in the msm. And the Beeb IS the msm. In Britain, the BBC is taxpayer-funded, and as the public broadcaster seems to enjoy special priviledge, latitude, in what they choose to broadcast. However, as with any public, tax-payer funded broadcaster, I suggest that their mandate is to reflect all facets of society. Our troops - and their families - are an important part of British society. Yet, the BBC has chosen to refuse to play this video anywhere on their airwaves.

Meanwhile, as the Beeb makes the executive decision to NOT play the above video, and thereby really support our troops, the executives themselves are doing very well for themselves financially. Found an article that shows the top executive earns over 600,000 English pounds per annum. That is tax money. Just sayin'...For more details on these fat cat, out of touch, BBC executive salaries, go here.

Could their decision be based on the musical quality of the song? I think not. Whether you support the troops or not, this song is beautiful, musically. What's not to like about any philharmonic orchestra? Children singing? Michael Bolton? I hear tell he is a world class singer.

BBC decision? NOT so world class. Even as the BBC maintains silence on this issue, and refuses to play this video that supports our troops, the world community IS supporting our British troops. American journalist Susan Katz Keating has taken notice here. American milbloggers have also written about this song, and the glaring lack of support from the BBC.

So what is it about this song, and this cause, that the BBC finds unacceptable for the British airwaves, and the British public? Could it possibly be political? *gasp* Most discerning watchers of the msm on both sides of the Atlantic have long known that the msm is no supporter of the allies' work in this GWOT. We know, as we watch the bad and the ugly news reports, that bodies like the BBC really do NOT give a damn, never mind even pretend to support, our men and women who are fighting to maintain the very freedoms that allow groups like the Beeb to pick and choose what they share with their employers (ie the tax payers.)

The BBC's refusal to play this video - for ANY - or no reason - really IS a WTF moment as another friend of mine wrote:
Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another WTF Moment ~ This One From The BBC...

Yes, it's another one of those moments when you have to shake your head and wonder "What the F...!" This one was brought to our attention by my dear friend and long time journalist; Susan Katz Keating.

Here, let me fill you in on a few details.

Seems back in November, there were a bunch of famous musicians (very famous) who wanted to pay homage to their own Warriors; The British Troops. They assembled at Abbey Road Studio. They produced a very special soundtrack and video that will bring a tear or two to your eyes. That is, if you understand what 'Our Guys' have been doing. And you do know there are British Soldiers who are fighting bravely in Afghanistan, don't you? You can follow one such bunch by reading their blog over yon on the right. You see it, don't you? Visit them often, please.

But I digress... After making the music CD and video, this group of musicians asked the BBC to help get the word out in support of the troops and the music. Most distressingly, they refused. There's where that "WTF" moment comes into play. Jeezle Pete! Are they all that daft?...

Did I mention that "Little Drops..." is also an American? She is, and you can read the rest of what she has to say right here. In case you missed it, this song, in support of our British troops, is garnering more than a little support in America (and Canada...) Even as the Beeb displays its ignorance and lack of patriotism, our American friends have stepped up, and are actively promoting a song, and cause, that the BBC choose to ignore.

Little Drops says above "...They produced a very special soundtrack and video that will bring a tear or two to your eyes. That is, if you understand what 'Our Guys' have been doing...."

Obviously, the BBC has no clue what our guys have all been doing, ARE doing. Obviously, the BBC is becoming irrelevant to the British taxpayers. They use mega inches of print, and much airspace to report on every little soundbite of hatred that Islamic extremists spew forth, yet do NOT give exposure to the troops serving the flag above. To answer another of the questions Little Drops asks: Yes, the BBC really IS that daft - and worse!

What can we do about that? Well, I have included this song on my every day playlist, and I plan to contact the BBC..Maybe there is a reason for their unpatriotic stance in this issue? I can think of NO reason why they made this choice, but I DO plan to complain. I have looked all over the BBC site for contact informatio0n. Alas, no addresses for the highly paid BBC decision-makers. Fortunately, Little Drops, mentioned above, does have links to the official BBC complaints department:

And she also gives the link to the feedback department within the BBC:

My regular readers know that I am the last person to tell anyone what to do (no, really, I am!) but can I ask you to at least listen to the above song, please? If you feel that the BBC should reconsider their decision to not play this song, you might like to let them know that.

Meanwhile here is what the accompanying blurb on YouTube says about this GREAT song:

We Will Remember Them'
Stars Record Tribute to Troops

A cast of 200 Donate their Time to Raise Money In Abbey Road Studios Biggest Ever Recording Session

"We will remember them, Give thanks and honour them, For our tomorrow, They gave their today"

Released on Sunday 8th November on iTunes and various other download stores.

Music stars have gathered to record a moving tribute to British Armed Forces past and present.

On Sunday 1st November 200 people spilled into Abbey Road Studios, donating their time and talent to record an Anthem as a Thank You to all our Military personnel who have served our country protecting our freedom.

This was the biggest ever 1 day session to be staged at Abbey Road in the history of the famous recording studios.

Multi-million selling artists from Michael Bolton to Robin Gibb, to Hayley Westenra contributed to the song, written by A1's Mark Read and Robert Hart (Bad Company, Distance, The Jones Gang).

They performed alongside The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Pipes & Drums from the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Drumming, Bugles from The Academy of Music at Kneller Hall, a Choir of Celebrities and the Carmel Thomas Youth Choir.

Paul Carrack, Kenny Jones, Paul Rodgers, Lee Mead, Mark Read, Mica Paris, Natasha Hamilton, Haley Westenra, Carol Decker, Nell Bryden and Liz McClarnon also starred.

"I never miss an opportunity to thank our troops," said Michael Bolton, who dropped everything while rehearsing for performances at the Royal Albert Hall this week to take part. "They are the bravest people you'll ever meet."

'We Will Remember Them itself goes back to the the first world war', explains Robin Gibb, 'but it's very significant and it makes people stop and think just what these guys are doing for their country'.

Be sure and go read the rest of the stars quoted, and find links that lead to direct support of our troops here.

We will remember them
Give thanks and honour them
Won't let their memories fade...

For our tomorrows
Gave their todays...

Stand proud and strong and say
We will remember them...

Hello, BBC? WHEN will you stand proud and honour them? Our soldiers - and their families - deserve nothing less from the British Broadcasting Company.

UPDATE: I just got the following email from a British soldier who read this column. One of MY guys, and he gave me permission to quote him. And no, do NOT ask who he is. I CAN vouch that he is a serving member of the military:

You get used to it, as a serving member of the uk forces we appear to be
marginalised by our own govt and it's institutions. It is a sad reflection
that the man who appears to have done more for our troops is not an MP or a
member of our govt, but a former soap star turned journalist by the name of
Ross Kemp. He has done much to embarass the upper echelons of our country and shame them into actually putting some thought and effort into supporting our troops.

It is sad that help for hero's even needs to exist. Look at the waste and
the criminal fraud of the mp's expenses that made recent headlines. Surely
instead of claiming for cleaning moats and duck houses our illustrious
leaders should have been asking the question. Is there any way we can support
our troops better, any way we as representatives of the people can show our
gratitude to these men and women who put there lives on the line day and


Yes, it damn well is shameful, and I am so embarassed - and more - that any one of our troops needs to feel this way.

Thank you, Sir, for your service. There are some of us out here who truly DO appreciate your service. God bless all our troops.]


K-Dubyah said...

Aww Brat Dahling,

How can we forget? Thing is, NONE of US should, least of all the press corp. Were it not for each and every one of 'OUR GUYS', they wouldn't have the freedom to write one word unless it was something those in power wanted us to see.

So, YES, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM. And support and love them till they all come home. But most importantly, forever after...

I thank you for the link love, I'm truly honored to be included with the likes of Susan and yourself.

As soon as I have a bit of the spare change, I'll be ordering a few of those CD's. <3 ya!

MsMarti said...

Without our British Allies fighting along side, we would be in a world of hurt!

Remember, the news rarely gets it right in the "support" department, but the people in your country and ours are behind you!!

Keep up the great work! We ALL know what a great job you guys do!

Thanks for ALL you are doing!

K-Dubyah said...

Oh, and for all those British soldiers who are fighting the good fight, I thank YOU!! Yes, from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU!!

For those people who can't or won't do the same, well,all I can say is ...Pi** on 'em.

There are many more of us supporters than they would allow you to know about.


We'll keep saying our prayers for protection over YOU ALL! And sending our love out across the sea.

Anonymous said...

To our British friends, allies and families, we say we will remember. Though many msm people find a way to not only ignore the wonderful people who give their all everyday in support of our countries but repeat the rhetoric of those who hate us, we, the rest of the people, do appreciate and love you! cjbsrn

Anonymous said...

When I hear such a beautiful tribute, I want to leave a fitting comment of support, and to tell the truth, there just aren't words adequate to express the respect I feel for the young men and women who protect us. Whether they be British, American, Australians, they are loved and supported back home.
The BBC needs to wake up. Our countries are at war.

--a proud Soldiers' Angel

yankeemom said...

An adopted US American Soldier son of mine deployed to the Stan last year and worked closely with some British Soldiers and had nothing but really good things to say about them all. This did not surprise me from all my reading on milblogs.

Hey, all you Brits in uniform ~ We will always remember the sacrifices you and your families have made. We're family after all - at least "cousins". You are appreciated and supported, if only in prayers, by more of us than the media cares to know about.

A Yank Army Mom

Brat - thx again for posting for all our troops {{}}

Windy said...

The support that I show for our men & woman in uniform goes much deeper than a country. Regardless of the uniform you wear, each and EVERY ONE of you defend FREEDOM!!

Thank you,God bless and Godspeed ♥

Unknown said...

Thanks to ALL of our men and matter where they hail from.
Freedom is a universal priveledge and I am grateful that so many good folks from around the globe "got each other's backs" to help preserve it for all.
God Bless~

Koolness said...

To all of the UK troops serving in harms way. There are a vast majority of us who sleep safe at night that appreciate what you do. Thank you for your service. If the BBS won't show the video we can sure spread it around.

Poet Warrior said...

A couple of weeks ago I spoke of my son's opinion of you Brits fighting in the rocks of Afghanistan. I repeat it here and now. Hooaaah! He has made that trip twice. Once right at the beginning and again in "04. He salutes you. I salute you. As a Nam vet a sure as hell understand the disappointment and anger you feel at the press who fail you. In the long run they will pay a price they are too arrogant to understand. When they need you most they will be alone. You will be there for those who were there for you, but they will find themselves wondering why ego is no longer a defense...only offensive. You are proud and true to your flag and your duty. Brat and those who read her words love you and cherish your sacrifice. Let their words lift your spirits. The BBC is hollow and worthless. I respect what you do and appreciate you as well. Thank you all. Mike "Moon" Mullins.

Diane said...

As an American, and as a daughter of a WWII vet, I thank you for your service now, and then, and in the future.
As a mom who lost her son on 9/11, I thank you for taking up the fight against those who wish us, and our way of life destroyed.
It is not us, the average American or Brit who does not "get" it. Rather, it is those in the position to make the big decisions are the ones that do not "get" it.
Your courage and service are not overlooked here in the states!

thank you
Diane Fairben
Soldiers Angels

Swissmiss said...

As a Swiss Miss, now living in my adopted country, the US, I would like to thank the British & other Allied soldiers for their service, in defending our way of life! I will always remember their courage & sacifice as long as I live! Keep up the good work your're doing in defending our freedom! <3

Thank you,God bless and Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

You guys in the U.S should put the BBC to shame and buy the track.

It's available through Amazon (U.S)

Make this an hit around the World, and the BBC would be very red faced with their huge pay packets!!

It's disgraceful from them...!!