Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haqqani responsible for Kabul bus bombing?

From JihadWatch:

Haqqani network, which Pakistan refuses to confront, blamed in Kabul suicide attack on NATO bus

As of last month, Pakistan had decided not to undertake an operation against the Haqqanis for the time being, likely hoping to continue delaying until right around the time the ski slopes open in Jahannam.

Speaking of unpleasantly elevated temperatures, the U.S. has reportedly rewarded Pakistan's intransigence by "warming" to the idea of negotiating with the Haqqanis. An update on this story. "Haqqani network sends message with Kabul attacks," by Rod Nordland for the New York Times, October 30:

Kabul, Afghanistan - Every bomb, they say, has a return address.
When car bombs blew up in West Beirut, or explosions cut down worshipers in Sadr City mosques, survivors generally knew who was to blame, and more or less why — even when no one claimed responsibility.
So, too, with the suicide car bomb that on Saturday delivered the worst blow that NATO forces have suffered yet in Kabul, smashing into an armored bus full of troops and killing 13 foreigners, most of them Americans, and at least four Afghans.

The Taliban immediately took credit, but Afghan and American officials here strongly suspect that, more specifically, it was the fearsome Haqqani faction, whose fighters have proved better trained and organized than many Taliban, and which in recent months especially has focused its attacks on military targets rather than civilian ones...

Lots more information here. Go read.

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