Thursday, November 29, 2012

Iran calls Canada 'racist'! Really

From JihadWatch:

Iran blasts Canada as "racist" for pointing out its human rights abuses

And used the opportunity to spread a bit more antisemitic propaganda at the UN, as if there weren't enough there already. It's interesting to note how remarkably similar Mohammad Khazaee sounds to spokesmen for Islamic supremacist groups in the U.S.: the same ridiculous "racism" charge, the same tu quoque, the same claiming of victim status, the same demonizing of Israel. Is Khazaee taking lessons from Hussam Ayloush?
"Iran blasts Canada as ‘racist’ and ‘self-centred’ for moving UN resolution condemning Islamic Republic’s abuses," by Kathryn Blaze Carlson for the National Post, November 28:

Iran called Canada “racist” and “self-centred” at a UN meeting on Tuesday, where it tried to deflect criticism of its own human rights record and balked at a Canadian-led resolution condemning Iranian abuses.

In a statement before the humanitarian affairs committee, Iran’s ambassador to the UN said Canada had “a long list of human rights violations” against immigrants, Muslims, aboriginals and “Afro-Canadian women,” and accused Ottawa of “abusing human rights mechanisms to advance its self-centred political interests.”

“In fact, if any country had to get a resolution, [Canada] would have deserved it more than others because of their unsparing support of a regime [Israel] that has frequently committed genocide in the Palestinian Occupied Territories,” Mohammad Khazaee said in a statement to the UN committee, obtained by the National Post....


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