Thursday, November 15, 2012

Netanyahu: We will... do everything necessary to defend our citizens

From Homeland Security NewsWire:

Israel kills Hamas top military leader, destroys Hamas Fajar missiles 

 14 November 2012

In a precise targeted attack early Wednesday, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) killed Ahmad Jabari, the top military leader of Hamas; Jabari ran the organization’s armed wing, called the Izz el-Deen Al-Qassam; in a separate attack, Jabari’s deputy, Raed al-Atar, was also killed; the Israeli early morning strikes also included attacks on about twenty or so targets across the Gaza Strip. these attacks inflicted a heavy blow on Hamas’s military capabilities by destroying most of Hamas’s most threatening weapons – the mid-range Fajar missiles Hamas received from Iran and with which the organization could attack Tel Aviv and other cities in central Israel.
Half a dozen other top military leaders of Hamas were attacked, but there is no news about their fate.
Jabari was considered the most important strategist of Hamas, and he is credited with innovating the organization’s approach to its war with Israel.

Among other things, Jabari was behind the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who was held prisoner for five years before being exchanged earlier this year for  a few hundreds Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails....

Much more here. 

Statement by PM Netanyahu on Operation Pillar of Defense to Israeli Public 
14 November 2012
Citizens of Israel,

I want to praise the IDF soldiers and commanders, led by Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz , who is commanding the operation as we speak. I want to note the Israel Security Agency, headed by Director Yoram Cohen, for their vital part in the operational accomplishments that we have already achieved. I thank the citizens of Israel for their unwavering support of this operation. I thank the residents of southern Israel who are at the front, and exhibit strength and restraint.

Hamas and the terror organizations decided to escalate their attacks on the citizens of Israel over the last few days. We will not accept a situation in which Israeli citizens are threatened by the terror of rockets. No country would accept this, Israel will not accept it.

Today, we hit Hamas strategic targets precisely. We have significantly debilitated their ability to launch rockets from Gaza to the center of Israel, and we are now working to disable their ability to launch rockets towards the south. The terrorist organizations - Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others - are deliberately harming our citizens, while intentionally hiding behind their citizens. On the other hand, we avoid harming civilians as much as possible and that is one fundamental difference between us. It also indicates the big difference between our objectives, and not only in our methods. They want to obliterate us from the face of the earth and they have no qualms about hurting civilians and innocents.

Today, we sent an unequivocal message to Hamas and the other terror organizations, and if need be the IDF is prepared to expand the operation. We will continue to do everything necessary to defend our citizens."


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