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Some Gave All: Corporal William Savage and Fusilier Samuel Flint

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm that Corporal William Savage and Fusilier Samuel Flint, both from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland,  died of injuries sustained in Afghanistan on Tuesday 30 April 2013.

 The soldiers were part of a patrol travelling along Route 611 between Forward Operating Base Ouellette and Patrol Base Lashkar Gah Durai in the Nahr-e Saraj district when their vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device. They were evacuated by air to the military hospital at Camp Bastion, where it was confirmed that they had been killed in action.

Corporal William Thomas Savage, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS)


Born in Irvine on 27 January 1983, Corporal Savage enlisted into the British Army in April 2003. 

After completing recruit training he joined 1st Battalion The Royal Highland Fusiliers (Princess Margaret’s Own Glasgow and Ayrshire Regiment) in November 2003.

He deployed to Iraq on Operation Telic in 2004 and completed 2 previous deployments to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 8 in 2008 and Operation Herrick 13 in 2010 with 2 SCOTS. He excelled on the Section Commanders’ Battle Course on 17 June 2011 and was promoted to full Corporal shortly afterwards. Prior to his appointment as a Section Commander in a Rifle Company he had been a member of the Regimental Police.

Corporal Savage deployed to Afghanistan on 11 March 2013. He commanded 3 Section of 1 Platoon in a District Enabling Company composed of Bravo Company Group, 2 SCOTS, part of the First Fusiliers Battle Group. He was based in Forward Operating Base Ouellette in the northern area of Nahr-e Saraj district, Helmand province.

Corporal Savage was a keen sportsman who enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities. He was enthusiastic about skiing and was a talented kayak instructor.

Corporal Savage was a shining example of a Scottish infantry soldier and was a rising star in the battalion with an extremely bright future ahead of him. He will be sorely missed by the entire battalion and will always be remembered. He leaves behind his wife, Lyndsey, who is expecting their first child.

Corporal Savage’s wife has made the following statement:

I am completely devastated by this news but extremely proud of ‘Sav’ and everything that he has achieved. He loved being a soldier!

I have lost the love of my life and the father of our son. I know his life will live on through so many amazing memories that we shared together. He will be deeply missed amongst family, friends and the regiment.

Lieutenant Colonel Robin Lindsay, Commanding Officer, 2 SCOTS, said:

We will remember Corporal William Savage as an exceptional soldier, a dedicated leader and a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. He was a classic example of a Scottish infantryman: robust, committed and blessed with a fine line in banter. He had made the battalion proud with his excellent recent performance on the Section Commanders’ Battle Course at the Infantry Battle School and he was rightly proud of his well-earned reputation as a tough combat soldier. He had proven his credentials on 2 previous tours of Afghanistan and we considered him a leading light amongst the corporals in the battalion and regiment.

Corporal Savage’s composed and professional approach had a calming influence on his platoon and he was seemingly unaffected by the dangers he faced daily in Afghanistan. He was unflappable and this example inspired his fellow soldiers. In a similar manner his bright personality lifted the spirits of those around him, particularly during difficult times.

Corporal Savage also played a full and vibrant part in wider battalion life; whether it was growing an extravagant moustache for charity or organising social events in the Corporals’ Mess, he was always at the forefront of the fun. He was very popular with us all, but particularly with our junior soldiers because of the compassion and understanding he showed them.

The loss of Corporal Savage has been a hammer blow to the battalion and the regimental family. We are all immensely proud to have known him and we will miss him dearly. He will always be remembered as a brilliant soldier and a remarkable man. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Lyndsey and his family at this tragic time.


Fusilier Samuel Flint, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland


Fusilier Flint was born in Blackpool on 19 May 1991 and joined the British Army in November 2011. 

Following his recruit training he joined 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland in June 2012 as they began their Mission Specific Training for their deployment to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 18. He approached this training in a hugely enthusiastic and motivated manner. He was an extremely fit soldier who, although quiet, was full of humour and popular with his peers.

Fusilier Flint deployed to Afghanistan on 9 March 2013. He was a member of 3 Section, 1 Platoon in a District Enabling Company composed of Bravo Company Group, 2 SCOTS , part of the First Fusiliers Battlegroup. He was based in Forward Operating Base Ouellette in the Northern Nahr-e Saraj District of Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Fusilier Flint was a motorsports enthusiast and an avid Manchester City fan. He was dedicated to his family and spent his spare time at home in Blackpool or socialising with friends in Edinburgh.
Fusilier Flint was a vastly impressive infantry soldier and it was clear that he had an extremely promising future ahead of him. His loss has been felt deeply by all who knew and worked with him and he will live forever in their memories.

The Flint-Broughton family have made the following statement:

The whole family is completely devastated. Everyone should know that Sam loved his job and made his whole family and everyone that knew him very proud.

Sam was always the life and soul of the party, a real ladies man, witty funny, the real cheeky chappy. He was a loving son, the protective brother, courageous nephew, the caring uncle, the loyal grandson that anyone would wish to have.

We want to thank everyone for the kind tributes and strong support.
“Always in our hearts and minds, we love you Sam.”

Lieutenant Colonel Robin Lindsay, Commanding Officer, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, said:

Fusilier Samuel Flint arrived at the Battalion at the very beginning of Mission Specific Training in June 2012 and made an immediate impression as a fit, enthusiastic, motivated and capable soldier who was quick with a smile and a laugh. Despite his young age and relative inexperience it was clear to us all that he was a soldier brimming with skill and ability. He excelled during the many exercises that his Platoon took part in during the build-up to operations and had been identified as a potential Junior Non-Commissioned Officer following the tour of Afghanistan.

Perhaps more importantly, he was quick to form deep friendships with his fellow Jocks and he was always one to help others around him and to give of himself for the benefit of his Section and Platoon. Fusilier Flint was not only committed in military life but revelled in outdoor pursuits and activities such as climbing and mountain biking. He approached everything he did with total motivation and it was clear that his ability matched his ambition. A bright future lay ahead for Fusilier Flint and it is cruel to see that future taken away from him.

We have all been immensely proud to have known and worked with Fusilier Sam Flint and he will forever be in the memory of the Battalion and of the Regiment. We bid him farewell and promise to continue his work in Afghanistan and to commemorate his sacrifice. All of us in the Battalion offer our deepest condolences to Fusilier Sam Flint’s parents, brothers, sisters and wider family during this hard and tragic period, but in particular to his brother David who serves with us in the Battalion.


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