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Entrenched Complacency Ensures Enslavement of Americans

A VERY important column from War On Terror News:


Entrenched Complacency Ensures Enslavement of Americans

It does not surprise me that the most powerful politicians and their appointees feel impervious to the constraints of the Constitution.  Those that seek power, ferociously guard the power they've attained, while seeking more to obtain.  They'll do whatever they can get away with to obtain and retain power.  It's as a natural a characteristic as a lion eating a gazelle.  In recognition of that, the Founders constrained the government and politicians, and emplaced protections and rights for the People.
What astounds me is that the American People are not outraged by the abuses of power exposed in recent weeks and months.  It has been one scandal after another, each more comprehensive and abusive than the one before it.  It is more surprising that some of the media has condemned some of the scandals than that they've worked overtime to condone the scandals.  

This cycle began with Benghazi, and an obvious lie by the Administration that it was 'just a protest turned violent.'  It took months, but Congress was beginning to get to the heart of the matter, that the Administration wasn't just asleep at the wheel, but willfully turned the lights and phones off.  It ignored months' worth of pleas from diplomats for more security, including on the day of the attack.  It ordered re-inforcements to not assist.  Those who work for the State Department should have been upset.  Those with a military background are and were angry.

More recently, we learned that the IRS was targeting the  ruling party's opponents.  The IRS has become a tool and force to paralyze the effectiveness of groups that support the US Constitution, and call for smaller government.  Supporters of the party in power were less apt to be upset than those that were affected by the un-Constitutional targeting by an arm of the Government.

Then we learned that the Justice Department had seized the phone records of AP employees and a Fox news journalist.  The MSM was finally mad.  True Americans of every stripe condemned the seizures as unlawful, and against the 4th Amendment.

More recently, we learned that a Judge had ordered Verizon to provide the data of every single one of it's customers to the NSA.  The information collected is so enormous that the data is updated every single day.  Then we learned the NSA was also collecting information via Google, Facebook, and other web based programs, with a program called "Prism."  The internet giants deny they accepted their role in it, but that doesn't mean much.  The government may have worked with or without the permission of the corporations.  Nor can we reasonably expect honesty from those corporations, particularly since they are already snooping on their users.

The worst part about that is not that leaders of both parties knew about it, and defend it, but that so few Americans find anything wrong with it.  The Politician in Chief has confirmed that the programs exist, and defends the "necessity" of it.  The Speaker of the House defends the program.  The Senate Minority Leader condemns not the program, but the individual that leaked evidence of it.  There's no one truly denying that the government is spying on every single American, on either side of the aisle, and very few that say there's anything wrong with it.

Sure, there are a few Americans out there screaming bloody murder about the obvious and serious abuses of the Bill of Rights by the government, and they are the same ones that have been trying to wake up Americans for years.  At a time like this, those that have been noting the abuses for years, should be sitting back and thanking newcomers to reality.  The public outrage should be deafening.

So, why isn't it?...

MUCH MORE of this MUST READ column here.

Wake UP America!!!

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