Monday, June 23, 2014

Canada: 2CMBG remembers the AFG mission

From Daily Observer: 

By Sean Chase -  Daily Observer
June 21, 2014

GARRISON PETAWAWA - The men and women of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group have finally closed the book on the Afghanistan mission.

Denied the opportunity to participate in last month's National Day of Honour due to operational commitments, the garrison's largest formation took the time from their hectic training schedule Saturday to reflect on a campaign – Canada's largest since the Second World War – which claimed 158 of their comrades, including 40 from Petawawa alone.

In a remarkable demonstration of foot drill precision, some 3,152 soldiers, sailors and airmen marched in formation onto Worthington Parade Square and smartly formed a massive hollow square in front of family, friends and dignitaries, who came out to mark this special milestone with the troops.

When the 40,000 who fought and the 158 who died were honoured during a national ceremony on Parliament Hill on May 9, the brigade found itself training on a major exercise in Wainwright, Alberta. Although they paused for two minutes of silence, families back home were concerned that their loved ones would miss out on such an important occasion. The brigade's leadership felt their troops needed their own day too.

Col. Peter Dawe, commander of 2CMBG, told the troops this Afghanistan commemoration parade was a time to honour not only the sacrifices of the fallen but to remember what families back home had to endure while their loved one was deployed to such a war zone. He reminded the troops that they accomplished much during those long days and months in Afghanistan.

“There's no doubt in my mind that what we did was noble, that it was meaningful, that Afghanistan is less a threat than it was when first step foot there in 2002,” said Dawe....

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