Friday, June 27, 2014

Iraq: More US Military "Advisors" deployed

"Advisers"??????? Yes, that's what the Mouth In Chief (surely he hasn't earned the title of Commander In Chief) is calling the Troops being sent back to Iraq.

From Stars and Stripes:

More advisory teams arrive in Iraq; joint operating center opens in Baghdad

By Chris Carroll

Stars and Stripes

June 26, 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. operations in Iraq have expanded with the arrival of more teams of advisers and the opening of a joint operations center in Baghdad, the Pentagon said Thursday.

Four additional teams of advisers with 50 special operations troops arrived in the city late Wednesday, raising the number of U.S. advisory teams in Iraq to six, with 90 members in total, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said Thursday.

Another 90 American troops on Wednesday opened a joint operations center in Baghdad to help the Iraqi military confront the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, which has overrun vast swaths of northern Iraq and taken numerous cities....
 Much more here.

Are you paying attention, America?

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