Saturday, September 5, 2015

That Iran 'deal': Israeli Soldier's Mother has a message for America

From Israeli Soldier's Mother:

Thursday, September 3, 2015
A Message to America

I am struggling to find the words this morning; mostly what I find is anger. I have two messages I want to deliver - one to America, and one to the American government, particularly the Democrats. I'll start with that one.

I was raised in a staunchly Democratic family. My mother worked hard within the party; though I was never told who to vote for, it was assumed that I would vote Democratic. For many years, I did. I will never again vote for a Democrat. I won't automatically vote for a Republican, but I will choose not to vote, sooner than cast a vote for a Democrat. As you, the Democratic party, have finished with Israel, I have finished with you.


The reality is very, very simple. The Iranians have repeatedly told you what they want - it is there in the chants, the burning flags. "Death to America" they scream out; "Death to Israel" is their battle cry

Their message is clear and so is your vote. Very simple - a vote FOR this Iran Deal is a VOTE against Israel, it is a vote in favor of the death of Israel....

GO read the rest of this compelling column from Israeli Soldier's Mother. .

Just as those in the list above made clear where THEY stand, here is where I stand - always.

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