Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Video: Israeli school kids harassed by muslim mob

From Israel National News:

Watch: Terrified Jewish Children Hounded by Muslim Mob

Difficult to watch: Children cry as Arab mobs target Jewish families on the way to the Kotel in Old City of Jerusalem over Sukkot.

Ari Soffer
30 September 2015

Jewish children cry as muslim mob attacks in Jerusalem       Reuters

A hassidic child cries, clinging to his father's hand as an angry mob hounds them, hurling anti-Semitic abuse.

Scenes not from Europe in the early twentieth century, but from the streets of Jerusalem's Old City on Sukkot, 2015.

Muslims in the holy city have been rioting for more than two weeks now, clashing with police and attacking Jewish residents. Several people have been injured and one man - 64-year-old grandfather Alexander Levlovich - was murdered by Muslim terrorists who hurled rocks at his car, causing a fatal crash....

 The above video was taken Monday morning, on the first day of the Jewish festival Sukkot, and shows mobs of Muslims harassing Jews on their way to pray at the Kotel (Western Wall)....

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