Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just STFU Greg Gutfeld

I very rarely get angry. Really. But right now I am so pissed off, I can't stand it. Why am I so angry? Glad you asked. Greg Gutfeld, on FOX, and his "guests," displayed their ignorance on a show called Red Eye.

As I think you know, I don't watch tv, and if this latest show is any indication, I am not missing much. I had seen this show mentioned around the internet. Then I found it on Blackfive here.

Quite apart from the fact that, as they mock Canada's military, and declare that Canada is "not a smart culture", four of our Canadians have just been killed in Afghanistan, the level of moronic stupidity is almost stunning.

Let's start with their insults of our military first. First off: mocking the name of a senior military person. How clever of them! Newsflash, a***hole: HE didn't choose his name. I do not have inside information about our military, or their operations, but I can assure Gutfeld or anyone else, our troops most certainly will not be taking time out for manicures and pedicures. There is more denigration of our military, and it goes downhill rapidly.

I am REALLY tired of ignorant s**** in America and Canada who badmouth the military while knowing less than zero - and proving it when opening their mouths - about the men and women who volunteer to serve.

"Ridiculous country"???? Not so much. "Wonderful little red jackets" of our Mounties? Newsflash again: We DO have police, who also have armoured cars etc...etc. I guess Gutfeld and his cronies don't follow the news. In every urban city we have actual police; you know, just like America has. Truth.

"Let's just tell Russia to 'come on over.' ???????????? As far as I know, Canada's foreign policy certainly does not encourage Russia to invade us. Newsflash: It is the US president who is rolling out the welcome mat for terrorists. It is the American government that is extending the olive branch to the Russians, the Syrians, the Iranians, Hamas, Hezbollah et al. Oh and another newsflash for the morons on Red Eye? As far as I remember? Those Americans who came here to avoid their voluntary service in the US military? The service they signed on for, then changed their minds? So far, we seem to be sending them back to you. Maybe Red Eye can go interview Robin Long, for example, who is in the brig in America since we didn't want him.

There was so much ignorance on display it boggles the mind of this Canadian. I could go on and on, line by line, slapping the attempts at funny. Instead, you can go over to B5 here for yourself and listen.

Let me be clear: I LOVE to laugh, and can usually find something funny and absurd in most situations. And yes, I most often laugh at myself. People who know me, know this about me. However, mocking the Canadian military is NOT funny. Cheap laughs based on ignorance are NOT funny. No ands, ifs, or but about that.

Many years ago, I interviewed an iconic journalist when I was still in school. A really good guy, he gave me a lot of his time, and the subjects we discussed were wide ranging and instructive. One thing he told me has always stayed with me. He said to me:' Do your homework, and read everything. ' Seems to me, the folks at Red Eye would do well to take that advice, because the only people "ridiculous" and "not so smart" from this programme are Gutfeld and his sidekicks.

Gutfeld, you owe MY military - and their families - an apology. Then, you can STFU!

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[Edit: Seems that others also are "not amused". See News Hounds here. Be sure and read the comments And another here. Just the title alone on that last one is more eloquent than I could]


Buck said...

"Red Eye" is a guilty pleasure for me. I really enjoy the show most of the time but there IS this problem with edgy humor: sometimes it's WAY over the top... and this is clearly such a case. I missed this particular show but had I seen it I'm sure I'd feel very much the same way you do, AB. Some things are simply out of bounds for mockery.

Anonymous said...

Brat, I've been thinking about you for days. When I read about the loss of four Canadian heroes, I was heartbroken, and I knew that you were feeling tenfold the amount of sorrow. Then when I read a meltdown about Red Eye on one of my favorite blogs today, I was hoping that you would not hear about those stupid comments. I am so sorry.


Anonymous said...

I left this comment over at the blog "This Ain't Hell" about this:

This steams me to no end. WAY out of line. TOTAL disrespect!

I’m in touch with a group of Canadians currently serving in Afghanistan. Allow me to share a few messages I’ve received this month that the uncaring idiots of Red Eye might want to consider before mouthing off the way they did.

From yesterday, “4 more CANADIAN HEROES ADIOS AMIGOS”


From March 4th, “I lost 3 more friends”

I suppose it’s easy to sit in a nice comfy chair in a safe TV studio, raking in huge salaries and making disgusting comments as they did. Wonder when they intend to spend some air time honoring the lives of the Canadians who have given their all so that a$$clowns like them can say what they feel with no retribution.

Man I’m steamed!

And this one at the blog "Blackfive" in response to one someone else had left:

Hey, Robert (or Wink) - ignorance is no excuse! Our nation and many around the world are sliding into hell because of ignorance. Anyone who cares for this nation or our coalition partners should mourn EVERY death and be thankful for the men and women who put themselves in the line of fire on our behalf. Taking up for Gutfeld and his cronies on this disgusts me. I'm all for a good laugh but NEVER at the expense of those who sacrifice so much. If Gutfeld has the time or staf with time to "research" about the Candians considering taking a year off then he and/or his staff have the time to research information about the fallen.

Get your laughs somewhere else - NOT at the cost of disrespect for the fallen Heroes in the GWOT and those who continue to serve.

Jim - I'd like to nominate "Wink" for douChe of the day. What a turd.

Brat, I hope you and all Candians know how much we respect, appreciate and cherish your men and women in uniform.

TexasFred said...

I am more likely to lose a Canadian relative in Afghanistan than I am an American, I don't know if I told you this, my grandfather came to Texas in 1919, from New Brunswick...

Damn him AND his attitude...

K-Dubyah said...

I think this is one time I'm glad my 'puter speakers aren't working. I very rarely watch TV, except for Food Network, and maybe the history channel, unless someone else turns it on when he's here.

Brat Dahling, YOU know how much we love you and how much we appreciate the sacrifices of our Northern Neighbors. As well as all the NATO forces who have joined in the War.

But we also realize that there are ignorant people in the public eye who think it's so avant garde to dis the men and women who give them to freedom of speech to do so. Those men wouldn't know respect if it smacked them upside the head...which is what should be done to Greg Gutfeld and his cronies.

Wouldn't it be wonderful it we could clone Gary Sinise?

OH, one last thing, Please know how much some American's hearts are breaking over the news of the latest deaths of your countrymen.

{{{Love and Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

You know it. I know it. We all know that men like this are free to say what they do under freedom provided to them by better men. It must be a pitiful life when you can't even appreciate the one who gives you the bread of freedom -- instead you mock their provision. Throughout history things have never gone well for those who forget their defenders.

The Letter "J" said...

One good turn deserves another - and thanks for commenting on my post.

You have to realise that Red Eye is aired when virtually a scattering of people east of the Mountain Time Zone are actually awake, let alone sentient. So whatever shit Greg, Bill Schultz, Andy Levy et al say would either be ignored or wearily accepted/rejected by that viewership.

I enjoy that show for sh--s and giggles, but just once I'd personally give Gutfeld a punch in the face followed by a knee to the 'nads.

My 2¢(CDN) - Stay safe.

BFree said...

I watch Fox News quite often, but NEVER the Red Eye program, simply because its a bunch of blathering idiots, 'has been' hollywierdos, and opinionated fools. They do no such 'reporting' or any kind of journalism, and really its a waste of decent news time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Charles Adler is, but he ended up with a copy of my own response to this debacle.

(Link listed in the bottom left of my page under "quoted here:")

At any rate, American Warriors maintain respect for Our Canadian Brothers and I said as much. I'm glad to see Gutfeld apologized for his less than humorous, less than accurate descriptions.