Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama's Change

Keep yukking it up there, buddy! US unemployment figures for February hit 8.1% - the highest in 25 years. Over 600,000 more jobs lost, as 700,000 more Americans now added to the food stamps rolls in February alone. Can we blame your economic 'policies' for that? Yes, we can!

Meanwhile the White House hosts weekly Wednesday soirees, and has the thermostat turned up.

H/T for the video to Monkey in the Middle.

AND there is a few people are checking in to the Obama's spending habits! Go figure. Michelle Malkin has a post up. Check it out here.


Findalis said...

He and his wife are living it up on the taxpayer money. $100 a person steaks? What is so wrong witht he one I bought the other day that only cost $2.99 a pound. It was tasty too.

Anonymous said...

got here from a link. i must say, even if i'm a supporter of obama, i found that video quite amusing. still, though, i think he's doing pretty well and at least he was honest enough to say that the nation will still be experiencing financial problems within the next few months.