Friday, July 6, 2012

Kory and Cooper: ALWAYS remembered and honoured

Hard to believe it's been 5 years since we lost these two Heroes.

(Kory giving Cooper water)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kory's best friend

THIS is Cooper. THIS is Kory's best friend.

July 10, 2007

The Department of Defense announced today the death of ... supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.... died July 6 in Muhammad Sath, Iraq, of wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device.

Killed were:

Cpl. Kory D. Wiens, 20, of Independence, Ore.

And that is the official DoD notice of Kory's AND Cooper's deaths in Iraq. Whilst we all understand the need for officialspeak in such matters, many of us are saddened that Cooper has not been officially recognised. Here on the home team, and all Kory and Cooper's friends and colleagues in Iraq, know that Kory and Cooper were best friends. His buddies in Iraq (both 2 and 4 legged,) witnessed that bond on a daily basis, as they worked as part of the K9 teams.

We have shed many tears, said many prayers, as news reached us, here at home, of the loss of this precious team.


10 Jul 2007 2:33

Kory and Cooper.....I remember the first day I met you in SSD school, I took off my rank and made believe we was the same didn't believe me....I miss ya man and Gabe misses his buddy Cooper...I was honored to have been able to hang out with you for those 5 months and to have become friends with you....we miss and love you and we will never forget you.....R.I.P. [Kory's MySpace entry here]

Cooper was officially a SSD (Specialized Search Dog) for Team 1 in Iraq. That was his official title, but as anyone who knows anything about dogs generally, and our K9 teams in particular, that SSD designation doesn't even come close to doing justice to all that Cooper and Kory meant to each other.

There are many stories in the newspapers about Kory, and most of them recognise the important place that Cooper had in his life. This one:

Local soldier dies of wounds from IED attack

Story Updated: Jul 11, 2007 at 2:27 PM PDT

Cpl. Kory D. Wiens, 20, of Independence, Ore. died July 6 of wounds sustained from an improvised explosive device while on patrol in Muhammad Sath, Iraq.

Kory was born September 6, 1986 in Albany, Ore. He was the middle son of three boys and an older sister. He was named after his grandfather who was a canine handler during the Korean War....

Kory enlisted into the Army to gain experience for pursuing a career in law enforcement. He attended canine school at the 341st Training Squadron, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, where he met his partner and friend, a yellow Labrador Retriever named Cooper. Cooper was a specialized search dog trained to find firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Kory and Cooper shared a special bond, spending most of their time together. Kory often referred to Cooper as his "son". The two were featured in many news articles.

Kory and Cooper were assigned to the 94th Mine Dog Detachment, 5th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The two deployed to Iraq together in January. Their abilities to detect TNT, C-4, detonation cords, smokeless powder and mortars saved countless lives by taking explosives and other IED manufacturing materials off the streets of Iraq.

Kory and Cooper died alongside each other while performing a search patrol on July 6. [read the rest here]

There is another here. There are more. I found them by "googling" Kory's name. And yes, MWD also gets some attention from the official media outlets of the military. Just this last March, Kory and Cooper were featured in a MNF story:...

More here on the original post at Tanker Bros.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soar, Kory and Cooper! Soar!

My K9 is SAM... Kory was in my unit. Cooper, Sam and Us had a very successful tour.

Kory & Cooper touched so many lives!

This video was made so that the legacy will live on!!

I came across this video with NO warning - and was totally overwhelmed. It is so hard to watch this video, but watch it we must. It is a beautiful tribute to Kory and Cooper, made by someone who knows them well. I promised MoE that - as long as I breathe - Kory and Cooper and all the other heroes will never be forgotten. NOT on my watch! Thank you so much MoE. Soar with the Angels Kory and Cooper.

Thank You, MoE!

FIVE years ago today, Kory and Cooper left us. I have to believe that they are - indeed - soaring through the heavens, together forever.

Kory and Cooper: ALWAYS remembered and honoured.


Claire said...

:( It makes me sad every time I read a DoD announcement. God bless his family.

Melissa Boe said...

Thank you for this. They were our K9 Team and there isn't a day that ges by I don't think of them. Thank you for remembering them!!

Anonymous said...

Not forgotten. May they rest in peace. cjbsrn

Anonymous said...

The tears still flow when I read about them again. We will always remember and honor.