Wednesday, July 11, 2012

9/11 KSM et al: 'No hearings during Ramadan"

The attempts to manipulate the US Military Commission by the 9/11 Islamic terrorists continue. From the Miami Herald:


9/11 accused don’t want hearings during Ramadan

Lawyers for accused Sept. 11 attacks mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his four co-defendants are seeking to postpone their Aug. 8-12 hearing at Guantánamo, noting it falls toward the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The trial judge, Army Col. James Pohl, set the date for the hearing in May and specifically ruled out an extension on grounds that it coincided with Islam’s fasting month. He noted in his order then that no defense lawyer at that point had raised objection to a hearing that coincided with Ramadan.

But the attorneys do just that in a June 21 filing currently under seal on the Pentagon’s war court website entitled “Joint Defense Motion for the Military Commission to Respect the Religious Observances of Enemy Prisoners under Common Article 3.”

Pohl is hearing motions in another Guantánamo case next week. But that hearing ends by July 19, before Ramadan starts. The 9/11 case pre-trial motions would be heard toward the end of Ramadan.

“The last 10 days of Ramadan commemorate the night God —Allah— revealed the Holy Quran to the Prophet Mohammed,” said James Connell III, the Pentagon-paid defense counsel for Mohammed’s nephew, Ammar al Baluchi. “These 10 days are the most holy period of the Muslim calendar and are typically observed by fasting, prayer, and seclusion.”

The Sept. 11 prosecutor opposes delay in a separate motion, also under seal at the war court website...

There's a shocker - NOT!!! My response? Boo-frickin-Hoo! Read the rest here.

I well know the old saw that justice must be seen to be done, and that in American courts, defendants have the rights to all sorts of protocols, but to bend over so far backward to these terrorists whose recorded sworn goal is the destruction of America - and the death of Americans - is to make a mockery of America. KSM and his thug conspiators well know how to play our system, and it is an obscenity to me that these murderers were not dealt with years ago. Their playing in the public courts should have been over and done with (read into that whatever you think I mean) long ago, and become just an ugly stain on the pimple of humanity.

Yes, I understand we *must* give them all the benefit of 'due process,' even though they are NOT Americans who, by birth can claim all sorts of privileges. America's insistance on being SEEN to treat all men equally - even those whose actions prove they have NO respect for the American way - will be the death of America.

Time to say "no more Mr American nice guy" to these terrorists who have languished for years on the taxpayers dime, and get the Military Commission rolling along without further delay.

The almost 3,000 innocents we lost on 9/11 deserve swifter justice than we are witnessing.

Get 'er done: NOW!!!

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