Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama lied - again! *gasp*

I know, I KNOW! Hard to believe, but the facts don't lie. I know it is hard to keep up with the gazillion lies that slither out from behind the closed doors of this "most transparent government ever,' and even those lies he and his minions arrogantly spout at every mic they can find. But, over at Wake Up America, Spree is keeping track, and has a great column up that puts on the record - courtesy of the internet, on the record forever, but shhhhh! Don't tell Obama! - just one of Mouth In Chief's whoppers. Read on:

Monday, July 09, 2012

Obama Tries To Rewrite History, Lies About Being Outspent in 2004 and 2008

Barack Obama was busted in overt lies, by The Daily Caller, twice in the same article.

First lie: "I got outspent when I ran [the] first time for Senate."

The Federal Election Committee’s website shows that Obama’s campaign claimed $14,807,432 in donations by December 2004.

In contrast, his opponent, Alan Keyes, had only $2,545,325, according to the FEC.

That’s a six-fold advantage for Obama, not a deficit.

Second Lie: "The thing that I want everybody here to understand – each of you personally — is that back in 2008, everybody said we couldn’t do it because we were outspent."

During the 2008 race, Obama raised $779 million. His GOP rival, Sen. John McCain, raised less than half as much, or $347 million.

In the Democratic primary, Obama raised $237 million, while his rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, raised $229 million.

One might understand the panic Obama is feeling as the fundraising numbers for June are released where Mitt Romney, for the second month in a row, has brought in more than Obama in the month of June.

$35 million more than Obama.

Lying to the American people when it is so easy to prove those statements as lies, reeks of desperation on the part of Obama....(source)

Desperation? What it reeks of is STOOPIDITY, and this from the guy that has been called 'the smartest man in the room'! Really? Not so much, and no wonder the US economy is in the tank, when even the Vice-MIC (aka the gift that keeps on giving) offers himself up as an incentive for a $3 cup of coffee..note: I don't think you can buy a $3 coffee anywhere in north America these days. And that right there is another way BHO et al prove they are so out of touch. Oh, and just to prove how econonomically sound their financial policies are? (*spit*) Along with their begging for a $3 donation so you can get your Joe and caffeine fix at the same time? In the small print it says that OfA will fly you and a friend to whatever coffee house they choose. All expenses paid????! Yeah, that makes good sense, and just might be the most expensive cup of coffee this election season.

Truth? They prove daily - as they continue to manipulate, and lie about, the FACTS - that they couldn't handle the truth if it bit them on the arse. Obama and his cohorts are counting on that enough Americans are still drinking the koolaid that they won't recognise the truth. For the MIC and his accomplices, they are hoping that if they tell any of their lies often enough, they will be accepted as fact, and get enough votes so they can maintain their champagne (and arugula) lifestyles while the food stamp 'industry' is growing to the point of becoming not only the fastest growing of any time in American history, but also the most 'successful.'

THESE are the folks that Americans want running the economy? Really?

Wake UP, America.

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