Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Benghazi and Obama et al's wilful ignorance

Hands up anybody who believes that Obama knew nothing about anything to do with the murder of American citizens in Benghazi...Let's hear the 'aye's' from ANY who believe that the MIC's admin knew nothing about any forewarning of the terrible security dangers threatening to explode prior to the murder of Ambassador Stevens.


Since September 11, 2012, it has been obscene watching Obama and his minions bob and weave - and play political 'business as usual' - in the wake of the murders of four American citizens on American soil in Benghazi.

The 'story' changes almost daily as to what happened, who did or did not do what they should have done.  Mostly it has been politicians refusing to take responsibility and admit that their dereliction of their sworn duties got our people killed...

From War On Terror News:


Yes, there is much more of this must read here.

It is my hope that Mitt Romney in the second debate of this ugly election season, will nail MIC on all his foreign policy failures...Go watch this Romney YouTube for HIS take on foreign policy.

Most of us have a healthy dose of cynicism about anything any politician says,  and rightly so, especially in light of the current woefully inadequately qualified Liar In Chief..  However, I agree with WOTN when he asserts that ignorance is no excuse. It is his job to know, especially when lives depend on it.  I also firmly believe that MIC is NOT as ignorant as he likes to portray himself:  "Wasn't me.  Wasn't MY fault"  doesn't cut it with me.  He knew.  It is impossible to believe that such a self-proclaimed *brilliant*  braggart would not be up on what is going on (he DID, after all, single-handedly kill ObL.)

One of my fears is that years from now, when the political fallout is still being argued about, the brave Americans who gave their lives that day will be all but forgotten.  Go check Boldly Into the Breach out for another's thoughts on them. Above all else, it so clearly demonstrates the calibre of Americans, that MIC could only dream of being..

As WOTN says, MIC cannot play this both ways: he either knew, or he did not know.  Either way, he is unfit to lead one of the greatest nations on earth.  Period.  End of story....

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