Friday, May 29, 2015

Video: Cuba removed from US Terrorist list

As part of  this week's Friday news dump by the Obama administration, news just out that Cuba has been dropped from the US list of nations that support terrorism.

From Homeland Security NewsWire:

U.S. removes Cuba from list of terrorism-supporting states
29 May 2015
The United States earlier today (Friday) officially removed Cuba from the list of terrorism-supporting states. The move is the latest step toward the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba.

Removing Cuba from the list – which now has only three countries left on it: Iran, Syria, and Sudan – removes a major legal obstacles, because U.S. law imposes serious restrictions on political and economic relations with countries on the list.

 Still, the removal of Cuba from the terrorism-supporting countries list would have a limited impact, because many of the limitations on normal economic relations with Cuba are the result of Cuba-specific embargo legislation by Congress outside the scope of the terrorism-related measures. 

These pieces of legislation will have to be removed by Congressional action. The administration’s decision to remove Cuba from the list comes while the negotiations between the two countries are encountering difficulties. Officials have so far failed to reach an agreement on re-establishing diplomatic relations and opening embassies...

US drops Cuba from list of state sponsors of terrorism
May. 29, 2015

 State Department announcement paves way for full diplomatic ties

Stay tuned.

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