Friday, May 15, 2015

Video: Syria - Mr Obama needs to listen to Senator Cotton

Israel National News has this about America's Man of INaction:

Obama: Chlorine Gas Not 'Historically' a Chemical Weapon

POTUS insists that US is investigating reports of attacks, but implies that chlorine may not justify action against Syria.

By Tova Dvorin  15 May 2015

Widespread reports of chlorine gas attacks in Syria have not been prevented - or acted upon - because chlorine is not "historically" considered a chemical weapon, US President Barack Obama stated Thursday.

Obama was forced to answer the chlorine question during a press conference from a summit at Camp David with leaders of the Gulf states. Syria and Iran were key issues at the conference.

However, when pressed about chlorine, Obama evaded defining it as a "weapon," noting that it has many other non-threatening uses, as caught in this footage from the Washington Free Beacon.  ...

(MUST watch)

GO read the rest at INN here.

Senator Tom Cotton schools the current resident of 1600 Penn Avenue.  Take a look:

"Those who refuse to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it...."

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