Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Injured Iowa NG on OBL death

Injured Iowa National Guardsman: a “good moral victory”

Sgt. Caleb Redell, a 22-year-old Iowa National Guardsman from Erie, Ill. who was injured in a bomb explosion in Afghanistan in February, took the news of Bin Laden’s death with a dash of happiness and a dash of caution.
“It was a really good thing that happened, a really good moral victory for us,” Redell said. “I just kind of hope it’ll get better. I don’t know or expect it will. There are so many more who are just like him. But I hope it helps, if not permanently at least for a while.”...

Redell is currently staying at an Army motel in Texas, along with his father, Tim Redell. He’s wheelchair-bound and receiving treatment at Fort Sam Houston. His worst injury is a crushed right ankle; he won’t be allowed to start intense physical therapy until at least June, when he is able to put weight on his right leg again....

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