Tuesday, November 1, 2011

UK Defence Secretary: we owe troops honesty and certainty

"...Truth and honesty."

From the MoD:

Hammond – we owe troops honesty and certainty

A Defence Policy and Business news article

31 Oct 11

Philip Hammond gave his first newspaper interview as Defence Secretary on Friday, during a visit to British troops who have been involved in the Libya campaign from Italy's Gioia del Colle airfield.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is shown around Gioia del Colle air base in southern Italy

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond is shown around Gioia del Colle air base in southern Italy by Group Captain Peter Squires, Officer Commanding 906 Expeditionary Air Wing
[Picture: Senior Aircraftwoman Tracey Dobson, Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

Mr Hammond was visiting the airfield when NATO announced that the operation to protect the people of Libya and enforce a no-fly zone and arms embargo would conclude today, Monday 31 October 2011. See Related News for more on this.

During the visit Mr Hammond spoke to the Sun newspaper, that published extracts from the interview this weekend.

He told the newspaper that he would make the care of wounded troops a priority and despite cuts to Defence he said that the UK will still remain a first-rate power with world-class Forces.

He also said he would hand the power to make military decisions back to Service Chiefs and slash MOD waste. He stressed he recognised the brilliance of our Forces.

Mr Hammond said:

"I understand the huge national pride we have in our Armed Forces. With the sacrifice our troops are making, we owe them honesty, certainty, and to deliver results."

He added:

"With respect to jobs being cut, yes, I regret it immensely. Do I wish I had a bigger budget? Yes. But we need our economy in order.

"It's what our Armed Forces do every day — take on impossible tasks and deliver. We are still among the most capable, competent and respected Forces in the world. ...

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