Saturday, November 19, 2011

Syria: The End Game?

Very interesting analysis of events within Syria, and the impact on the region.

From Homeland Security News Wire:

Analysis // by Ben Frankel

18 November 2011

The willingness of the Assad regime in Syria to unleash a brutal suppression campaign against the anti-regime movement, and the reluctance of outside forces openly to intervene – as they did in Libya -- to curb the regime’s ability to use its military superiority to suppress the insurgency, have led analysts to argue that the Assad government can outlast its opponents and emerge victorious, if bloodied, from the this latest challenge; the emergence of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) – especially if aided by Saudi Arabia – and the move by Turkey to assume a more active role in Syria, may well spell the end of the regime

The anti-regime agitation in Syria and the violent and brutal efforts by the regime of Bashar al-Assad to suppress it have been going on for nearly eight months now. The beginning was similar to what we saw in Tunisia and Egypt: civilians fed up with an autocratic regime began marching in the streets after Friday prayers, with the marches gathering momentum and drawing the attention of the international media.

Unlike what happened in Tunisia and Egypt, and in a manner similar to what happened in Libya, the regime, rather than folding, decided to make a stand and fight back. The trouble for Col. Qaddafi was that his reputation as an erratic and brutal ruler, and the wild threats he issued describing what he intended to do to the anti-government rebels, prompted NATO to offer air support to the anti-Qaddafi forces, leading, after six months of protracted war, to his downfall...

Mr Frankel has much more, and it IS a must read here.

Be informed, and pay attention.

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