Monday, November 7, 2011

Yon as War Pornographer

I have been rendered almost speechless by Yon's latest blatant efforts to pad his PayPal, so thank goodness one of our military experts has found the words to express what I cannot. Read on:

War Porn: How Mike Yon seeks to profit on the bodies of dying Soldiers

Sunday, November 06, 2011

I've generally divorced myself from any business having to do with Mike Yon, because I personally believe he is a douchebag, and worse, someone who holds himself up as a master of all things military, although he was only in the Army briefly, and since then has spent lots of time floating between Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bangkok. He wears his time spent in combat zones, often being protected by the very troops whose leaders he openly mocks and scorns, as some weird badge--as if his proximity to combat has any meaning. I used to live next door to an ice cream parlor, but that doesn't make me Ben and Jerry's. I've spent months in and out of hospitals had (at last count 39, or was it 40?) but I'm no surgeon. Mike is to military knowledge what the Oklahoma Earthquake is to geoscience--a curiosity.

So now, after being none too welcome in Afghanistan--seems word of his being a diva (more ostentatious than Kim Zolciak) is spreading--he's fucked off back to the land of sex tourism, ladyboys, and cheap heroin--I wonder if he'll now claim to be an expert on those matters (as I am sure he has more experience with them than most.)

But just being told to go away wasn't enough for Mike, I guess his tip jar didn't get as many hits after he started trying to lance the windmill dragons, claiming he was afraid for his life because a Master Sergeant wrote something mean about him, and then claimed that this Master Sergeant sent a Captain and another NCO to threaten and assault him... which I must admit, makes that Master Sergeant powerful indeed, to order a higher ranking officer to commit a felony. It doesn't pass the smell test, and neither does Mikey.

Mikey found a new ox to gore--the Medevac process and whether or not we (the US) should arm our medevac helicopters. Mikey believes we should. He believes that would mean helicopters can magically fly faster if they are armed, and that the HH-60, the Army's flying ambulance, could fight its way to the casualties it is picking up. Mikey even thinks that displaying the red cross on medical helicopters is stupid, because it gives the enemy an aiming point. Points that are as DOA as Cory Smoot at a border crossing. Get off the bus with Flattus Maximus Mike, your career is dead....

Chuck Z has much more, and as usual this is a MUST READ here.

I could add my opinion here, (after all, we ALL have one) but I have learned a valuable lesson that apparently Yon still has not:

"Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"?

As usual, Yon has failed on so many levels, the first of which is the most egregious: naming and re-naming (and filming) details of a Fallen Hero's last moments, to make a political point - all couched in his *cough* concern for our troops.

Waxing not so eloquent on issues re Geneva Conventions and hanging his obvious ignorance right out there for all to see. His 'fans' continue swallowing the kool-aid..

Again, sharing his glaringly obvious ignorance about the topic at hand, but having his *team* take far too long to 'edit' the incriminating video, which only Yon is qualified to release and speak on.

Full disclosure: The logo on the top of the column is my badge of 'infamy.'. I was banned from commenting on Yon's FB page a long time ago, because according to HIM, I was ignorant, and other not so positive things.

Bratdog was also banned from Yon's FB page. Really! Yon was afraid of a DOG's truths. How far the mighty have fallen...

Anyhow, when more than a few active duty - and veterans - servicemembers, take less than two minutes to point out the many reasons it is wrong for ANYone to be posting war porn, Yon would do well to pay attention.

If his past history is any indication, the only attention he is paying is to his PayPal. Too bad - for him.

As I have written elsewhere, Yon always trumpets how he dares to go where others will not (and hit the PayPal, pal!) He HAS published war porn before, February 2011 the most recent. As we have seen, there is apparently no depths Yon will not plumb in order to bolster his "credibility" as the only trustworthy 'on the ground' reporter, EVEN when he is no longer anywhere near Afganistan and our troops. Michael Yon is in Thailand - NOT Afghanistan..But his regular readers haven't seemed to notice that. For them, he is the only voice of truth and courage from the sandbox.... no matter the pesky fact that Yon is not IN any sandbox, and not likely to be near any of our deployed troops again anytime soon.

Hit the PayPal, pal!

Primary background reading on Yon's spiral into irrelevance:

Overview of the Saga of Michael Yon

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