Thursday, November 17, 2011

US using hip hop diplomacy in Pakistan

From Jihad Watch:

This will work: U.S. reaches out to Pakistan with hip-hop troupe

USEmbassyHipHopPakistan.jpgI should be waging jihad, but I just wanna dance

Confront the belief-system of jihad violence and Islamic supremacism? Naah. Hold the Pakistanis to their agreements with the U.S. and challenge them on their aiding of jihad groups? Pah. Send in the hip-hop troupe. Pakistan will immediately moonwalk away from its double game.

"US tries 'hip hop' diplomacy in Pakistan," from Reuters, November 15 (thanks to EH):

ISLAMABAD: Considered by many Pakistanis to be public enemy number one, the United States turned to the musical descendents of rap group Public Enemy in an attempt to counter its highly unpopular image in the South Asian nation.

As part of its cultural diplomacy programme, the US embassy brought the FEW Collective, a hip hop troupe from Chicago to Islamabad on November 14 where they danced, rapped and recited poetry to a westernised, educated and elite audience of young Pakistanis....

Suuuuure, hip hop will work! Go read the rest here.

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