Sunday, August 7, 2011

Americans out of touch: MUST READ!

From One Marine's View a very important, timely, reminder:

August 07, 2011

Americans out of touch


It started out as “US twin-rotor Chinook helicopter crash 16-31 killed in Wardak province Afg” -no confirmation that it was enemy fire #military 30 hours ago” That was my tweet @TheMajPain as I began to hear the news through different sources. Tragic and now there are several dozen mothers, wives, and kids missing a part of their lives. This event is terrible and is never easy to take but this is the exact way I feel whenever I lose even one Marine. This is the way I feel when I sit with a pen and piece of paper in front of me as I gather my thoughts in a letter to their wife or to their parents. I’ve written too many of those letters. It never is easy...

Please, if you read nothing else today, go read this HERE.

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Northstar96sc said...

I am heart broken and sickened. In my stupor- feel something is very wrong here. I really have not visited that feeling yet.
Prayers continuing for all of us and all of our military. So sad.