Thursday, August 25, 2011

One picture...

...says a thousand words.

Once in a while a picture jumps off the screen and kicks you in the heart. This is one of those.

(H/T Buzzy)
The hands of a heavily injured US soldier is pictured in the Medevac of 159th Brigade Task Force Thunder during a flight on August 23, 2011 to Kandahar Hospital Role(official tag line)

And from Buzzy:

Flight Medic Brandon L. holds the hand of a fatally wounded soldater in a Medevac helicopter of 159th Brigade Task Force Thunder @ Kandahar Hospital Role 3, 24AUG2011.

Who also adds:

As to hand holding, we all do it. [Macho huh?] I think some healing energy does transfer somehow, dumb yeah, but you feel something, hard to xplain without getting too mushy.

You can also find more pictures here.

THIS is what war looks like, and I am so grateful that we have medics who put their skills and their hearts on the line for all our troops

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