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3AM and all is quiet in Bratville. Hard to believe it has been over three years since Assoluta Tranquillita 'opened its door'...when I threw out my very first column called "Silence." At that time, I had recently 'graduated' from what I like to call my apprenticeship on one of the best milblogs, Tanker Bros. At that time, I resisted the calls to start this site, believing as I did, and still do, that the internet is already overcrowded with too much empty noise.

Much has changed since those days in Bratville, and within the global community, I have learned so much, but the world, it seems, not so much. Just as current events prove certain universal truths remain constant so, too, do I still look to silence for my own truths. Decided to reprint today the very first column from the genesis of this site. Read on:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"Silence is the mother of truth."

So said Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister for two terms in the late 1800's. He was also a writer with many adventures in publishing to his name. You can read more on him here.

At first glance, the above statement might seem paradoxical coming from a politician and a writer. For both professions, words are seen as the currency. However, I believe that both professions sometimes give the practitioners a more acute awareness, respect for the power of the word. That some politicians and some writers choose to debase that currency is a topic for another day ;)

As a writer myself, I have great reverence for words. I have always been aware of the impact of words. Conversely, I also have come to know that within
silence is great tranquility. Silence also has great impact. Just as I use words as tools to convey truths, so I revel in silence. I need silence, sometimes, to find my own truths.

Words used carelessly can send out huge negative ripples. Words not chosen well, can completely negate the truths that we should be sharing from our hearts. The heart needs no words to convey meaning. Oftentimes, our heart truths are better conveyed through silence - not words.

In today's world, with its seemingly incessant noise, it can be hard to find silence. I constantly seek out times of silence so I might listen, hear, the truths we all have within us. Ironically, in the "wee small hours of the morning" when my world sleeps, is when I most become one with the truths only found within silence. Silence, for me, actually speaks very loudly. Think about that - it is not as contradictory as it may at first appear.

For me, silence is sometimes splendid; IS to be embraced, welcomed. For me, within silence IS tranquility.

How about you?

And yes, the eagle still soars :)

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