Friday, August 5, 2011

B*N*S*N by any other name

In the beginning, B*N*S*N was born from an agreement among a small group of milboggers to share the good news of this Global War on Terror; the stories and the people that the msm didn't see worthy of sharing with the public.

As each day the msm stuck to headlines of our troops as Rambos on steroids, mindless murderers, and as they chose to ignore the real - loving and loved - people behind the statistics of our Fallen Heroes, we decided to take matters into our own hands and allot at least one day a week on our sites to the GREAT news. As anyone who pays attention knows, this Global War on Terror is about our troops making a difference in the lives of the natives of - currently, predominantly - Afghanistan and Iraq. Stories that the msm has never seemed to think deserve attention from the reading public.

As my regular readers know, week in, week out, it is my priviledge to share some of those stories. Truth of the matter is, that I always struggle to restrict myself to maximum four stories, at least on this one day. There are many, many more 'from the sandbox' stories that rarely see the light of day, and on this site, the only restriction is time. Never enough time in any one day to bring to attention all the great positive news that the msm deems not newsworthy.

However, there are other sites out there that also focus on the good news - and the Heroes - every single day, and readers of this site who pay close attention may have noticed that in the last little while, I have linked to one of them more than most.

War on Terror News has as its mandate sharing the news that the msm doesn't think regular folks need to know. Every single day, they share at least 20 stories that you will not find in the msm. Every story at WOTN could very easily fall under the B*N*S*N banner.

A few months back I volunteered to join the WOTN editorial staff, because from my ongoing observations, their mandate perfectly meshes with the demonstrated focus of this site. I like what they do. Does this mean that I am closing my own site down? No, of course not! Much as *some* politicians and anti-troops spit-worthy morons may wish otherwise, Assoluta Tranquillita will continue doing what I have always done.

War On Terror News has the B*N*S*N stories, just under another name. You can find the link in my sidebar, and you can also find it here.

So, on those days when you cannot find your regular B*N*S*N fix here at AT, you CAN always find them at WOTN; not just on one day - but

Soldier ON!

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