Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UPDATED: Bow To Nobody - Former SEAL Zinke " As president, it's unacceptable. "

"We believe in American exceptionalism"

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From Breitbart:


Ryan Zinke, the former Navy SEAL who started the super PAC, spoke exclusively with Breitbart News today. “The ad itself accurately portrays where this President is,” said Zinke. “It accurately portrays his core belief that America should not lead. This president is shaping America to be one of the followers, to relinquish our role as a world leader. I didn’t fight 23 years as a Navy SEAL to watch America bow to anybody.”... (emphasis mine)

GO read the rest here.

Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke gave an interview to the Mail out of London. As you might expect, he pulls no punches, and it is a must read here.

As further proof, as if any was needed, of WHY our SEALs have every reason to be pissed off with the MIC, the Obama camp yesterday posted a video called 'One Chance'...Yes, it has former POTUS Clinton waxing *ahem* eloquently on how couragous MIC was to make the call. I am not going to post it, but it is here.

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