Monday, August 27, 2012

Defeat in Afghanistan

Ten years on and our Troops are fighting a war that some say is unwinnable. In an area of operations that incoming POTUS Obama said was the 'war we have to win' and a 'top priority, ' the rules of engagement for our Troops, along with the political gamesmanship in DC by Military illiterates, are seen by some as pretty much ensuring no VICTORY for our Troops. It has often been noted that the MIC is not interested in Victory, and I found an interesting video clip that addresses the 'why' of his reluctance (inability) to even talk Victory as the only acceptable exit strategy of any Military mission. Take a look:

Interesting commentary on this video here as MIC pontificates on "Victory" and proves - yet again - that he is ignorant of history.

As MIC used to demonstrate, he can talk a good talk; well, he used to be able to do that! These days, he is being outed as an inarticulate, out-of-touch, bitter ignoramus (add your own adjectives) who can't put more than two words together, unless it is a scripted attack on Romney/Ryan - but I digress. This video is from 2008 and is the MIC's stated approach - at least then - on Afghanistan.

Obama in 2008.

Many have been watching the MIC's overseeing of the Global War On Terror, and none more closely than our Troops and our Veterans. Over at War On Terror News is the usual clear-eyed analysis and commentary.

Monday, August 27, 2012

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