Thursday, August 30, 2012

ROE BS - British Troops fight back

Anybody paying any attention at all knows that the current Rules of Engagement that our Troops have to work under in the GWOT are getting coalition Troops killed. That is the basic truth.

A few days ago, I referenced an American Veteran's thoughts on this state of affairs, in a column called On the Path to Defeat.

From War On Terror News:


There has been a lot of criticism about the "Rules of Engagement" in Afghanistan. There have been times when it was reported that Troops were not authorized to have magazines in their weapons. There have been times when air assets could not fire within 250 meters (or some other distance) from a manmade structure. Artillery support has been denied Our Troops when they were going into the heart of enemy territory. The Administration mandated that all night operations be approved by an Afghan court. There have been times when US Troops were told to disarm so their disarmed Afghan colleagues would not feel slighted while in the presence of Leon Panetta. ..(source)

This nonsense of bending over backwards so as not to offend our Afghan "colleagues" has now gone beyond the ridiculous, to the point that the daily news more often than not has OUR kids as fatalities - OUR Troops shot and killed by those very same "Afghan colleagues."

Out of England, comes news of how our Brits are getting around the ROE BS. From the Independent:

British soldiers resort to 'baiting' Taliban to beat rules of engagement

Platoon commander describes frustration at being forced to lead troops 'to get shot at'

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